Fujitsu claims to have developed the world’s fastest quantum simulator able to deal with 36-qubit quantum circuits on a cluster system that includes the corporate supercomputer PRIMEHPC FX 700, which is supplied with the identical CPU that powers the world’s quickest supercomputer, Fugaku.

In accordance with Fujitsu, the quantum simulator consists of 64 nodes on PRIMEHPC FX 700, and might execute quantum simulator software program Qualacs in parallel at an excessive pace, attaining roughly double the efficiency of different comparable machines from gamers resembling IBM and Intel.

Fujitsu added it has additional developed a technique that enables the environment-friendly rearrangement of qubit states deployed within the distributed reminiscence on the cluster in response to the progress of the quantum circuit.

“We stand now on the fringe of a brand new age in computing know-how. Fujitsu has efficiently developed the world’s quickest quantum simulator by making use of its world-leading experience in computing applied sciences cultivated over many a long time,” Fujitsu CTO Vivek Mahajan boasted.

Wanting forward, Fujitsu stated it will group up with Fujifilm to utilize the quantum simulator for analysis in materials sciences. At the identical time, Fujitsu is aiming to develop a 40-qubit simulator by September.  

“Transferring ahead, we intend to leverage this new quantum simulator for our clients to speed up the event of quantum functions and finally contribute to a sustainable world by fixing a variety of points dealing with society,” Mahjan stated.

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