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Micro drilling turbines improve efficiency of geothermal systems

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The micro drilling turbine with a diamond drill bit is simply 10 centimeters lengthy and has a diameter of 3.6 centimeters. When drilling, it rotates at as much as 80,000 revolutions per minute. Credit: Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft

Geothermal systems have gotten an more and more necessary supply of clear and, above all, baseload-capable power. But the wells, which might be a number of thousand meters deep, are dangerous, and issues can generally go mistaken. Fraunhofer scientists have now developed an revolutionary software that permits extra branches to be drilled off of the principle effectively. This decreases the danger of dry boreholes and improves the output.

Geothermal power is an inexhaustible power supply. Hot from reservoirs, fissures and cracks might be discovered deep within the earth’s crust, which is about 30 kilometers thick. The water at a depth of 5000 meters is already 200 °C sizzling. In geothermal purposes, it’s pumped up utilizing a manufacturing effectively. This water can then be used to energy steam turbines to generate electrical energy or to warmth buildings by way of warmth pump systems. The cooled water flows again into the earth’s crust by way of a second effectively—the injection effectively—the place it’s heated up once more within the sizzling rock. It is an entire cycle. This renewable power can play a big position within the battle in opposition to local weather change.

But the wells, which attain a number of thousand meters deep, entail each vital prices and dangers on the similar time. The danger of being mistaken and discovering nothing (what consultants name the exploration danger) is about 30 p.c. That is what the consultants on the Fraunhofer Research Institution for Energy Infrastructures and Geothermal Systems IEG in Bochum need to change. Their concept is to make use of a mini-drill to perforate the world across the borehole in a radius of 50 meters and hydraulically join the encircling water-filled cracks and fractures to the borehole. This opens the way in which for the water to movement into the manufacturing effectively from the place it may be pumped up.

Micro drilling turbines improve efficiency of geothermal systems
Simple and dependable: the sheet metal deflection shoe guides the drilling software outward at an angle of 45 levels. Credit: Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft

Secondary drilling explores the encircling space

The micro turbine (MTD) expertise was developed by Niklas Geißler, who performs analysis on the Fraunhofer IEG in Bochum and the Fraunhofer-Chalmers Research Center for Industrial Mathematics FCC in Sweden. “Wells that reach several kilometers into the earth’s crust cost millions of euros. Additional branches from the main well using MTD increase the catchment area for and the exploration risk significantly decreases,” explains Geißler.

The key to MTD is a compact micro drilling turbine which is provided with a particular drill bit. It may be very small, measuring simply 3.6 centimeters in diameter and 10 centimeters in size. The micro turbine is hooked up to a high-pressure hose, via which it’s powered by as much as 200 liters of water per minute at an inlet strain of about 100 bar, which makes the bit rotate. The bit consists of a tungsten carbide matrix with included diamond grains and grinds into the rock at as much as 80,000 rotations per minute. Therefore, it’s particularly fitted to laborious, crystalline rocks like granite. Furthermore, it’s also succesful of drilling metal. That is necessary as a result of wells are often lined with metal casing for higher stability. Without altering the drilling software, the MTD can first drill the metal casing after which the rock in a single step. “We can drill two to three meters in one hour. The water that powers the micro turbine serves as both a coolant, so the drill doesn’t get too hot, and also flushes the hole to remove the drill cuttings,” Geißler says. There have been related applied sciences utilizing pressurized water previously, comparable to radial jet drilling. However, till now solely smooth rock may very well be drilled utilizing these applied sciences. For particularly a technique is required to drill via the laborious rock through which geothermal reservoirs are sometimes discovered.

One of the challenges within the course of is to deflect the micro drilling turbine out of the principle effectively and drive it into the encircling rock at a comparatively massive working angle. That is why the IEG researchers have developed a particular deflection gadget. Using this “deflector shoe,” the compact software might be guided out of the principle effectively at an angle of about 45 levels. Thus, the drilling software opens up new cracks and fissures with sizzling water round the principle effectively. Using hydraulic strain implies that when the water is pumped up, the water flows out of the cracks and fissures and into the principle effectively.

“During the last months, we successfully demonstrated the technology in a proof of concept at the Bedretto Underground Laboratory (BUL) in Switzerland, near the Gotthard tunnel. The process is already very stable and reliable,” Geißler enthused.

Micro drilling turbines improve efficiency of geothermal systems
View of a freshly drilled facet arm at 346 meters. The micro drilling turbine milled out the granite rock cleanly. Credit: Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft

Audio recordings of the drilling noises

The significance of the problem has additionally been observed by politicians. Since March 2021, the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy has funded the undertaking with over 430,000 euros. Meanwhile, Fraunhofer IEG researchers have been pushing forward with the undertaking. The subsequent step is to file the drilling noises. The sound of the micro drilling turbine, whose blades emit a attribute pulse sample throughout rotation, also can function an acoustic reference for the evaluation. By analyzing the audio recordings, it’s doable to find out whether or not the drill is rotating on the proper pace, is caught or is even operating dry. The noise is transmitted as structure-borne sound to the metal pipes and recorded on the floor.

The expertise isn’t solely helpful for geothermal purposes. “In general, the MTD can be used in any deep drilling where it is important to explore the surrounding area of a well with potentially heterogeneous rock types, such as for the oil and gas industry. In the geotechnology or tunnel construction fields, for example, this micro drilling technology can be used to drill anchor holes in hard to reach areas where the amount of available space precludes the usage of conventional equipment,” explains Geißler.

However, one foremost software of the expertise, for which a patent software was filed in 2020, is actually the extraction of geothermal power. Experts estimate that the quantity of geothermal energy vegetation in Europe will double over the subsequent 5 to eight years. Micro turbine drilling from the Fraunhofer IEG can play a big position in making manufacturing wells much less dangerous, less expensive and much more environment friendly.

New view of deep rock fractures for geothermal power

Micro drilling turbines improve efficiency of geothermal systems (2022, January 3)
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