Monday, January 17, 2022

TIL that the Death Star is the size of the Olympic Peninsula

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Park My Spaceship is the easy, extraordinarily amusing app I didn’t know I wanted. It lets you superimpose to-scale photos of notable spacecraft from sci-fi reveals and flicks over Google Maps. That’s it. It’s nice. You can test to see if Serenity would slot in your yard or if the Millennium Falcon may land in your neighborhood park. It’s been round since 2018, however I first encountered it this week when @CincinnatiPhil TILearned about it and shared his discoveries on Twitter.

I set about putting ships round the better Seattle space and located that the Millennium Falcon suits properly in the fountain plaza in entrance of the Space Needle, which might look cool as hell. You can nearly match a Star Destroyer in Lake Union or park it on Harbor Island, a tiny landmass made solely of dust faraway from early regrading initiatives dumped into Elliot Bay. (TIL in a TIL: A man named Charles Butler and his 300 chickens used to stay there.)

You may also rotate your spaceship and press play to “fly” it throughout the map. I despatched an X-Wing throughout the West Seattle bridge, which is the solely manner to make use of the West Seattle bridge at the second.

The Death Star (mark one, that is) is on a completely totally different scale. It dwarfs Seattle and Tacoma, but it surely nearly covers the Olympic peninsula, stretching all the manner from Kitsap county to Forks and the shores of the Pacific. That’s no moon, certainly.

Santa taxis for takeoff at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

There are ships from Star Trek, Mass Effect, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and plenty of different classics of the style (I’m simply keen on Star Wars), even real-life house ships. And then there’s that most beloved of all UFOs, Santa’s sleigh. Adorably, the display screen crammed with drifting snowflakes as I positioned Santa on the runway at Seatac for takeoff. I hope he made it again to the North Pole earlier than omicron got here to city.

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