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Toshiba’s transparent Cu2O tandem solar top cell achieves 8.4% efficiency

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Figure 1: Toshiba’s transparent Cu2O solar cell. Credit: Toshiba Corporation News Releases

Toshiba Corporation at present introduced that it has efficiently raised the ability conversion efficiency (PCE) of its transparent Cu2O solar cell to eight.4 p.c, the world’s highest stage for a reported Cu2O solar cell. With the cell positioned because the top cell over a 25 p.c PCE silicon cell (Cu2O-Si tandem cell), Toshiba estimates that an general PCE of 27.4 p.c could be achieved, notably above the 26.7 p.c highest PCE reported for any normal silicon cell.

Under the check standards outlined by Japan’s New Energy and Industry Technology Development Organization (NEDO), Toshiba estimates that the Cu2O-Si tandem cell will carry an EV 35km with none want of recharging. Looking forward, Toshiba expects the brand new cell to spice up improvement of EVs without having for plug-in charging, and to advance different mobility purposes, such because the High Altitude Platform Station (HAPS), the telecom platform within the stratosphere.

The tandem solar cell gives the promise of extra environment friendly solar modules by combining top and backside cells that generate energy at totally different wavelengths (Figure 3). Tandem cells that obtain an general efficiency near 30 p.c have been reported, far larger than any standard crystalline silicon cell, however they’re fabricated with III-V supplies, akin to , and their very excessive manufacturing prices─a number of hundred to a number of thousand instances larger than for crystalline silicon solar cells─ severely limit software.

Toshiba’s transparent Cu2O tandem solar top cell achieves 8.4% efficiency
Figure 2: Image of a Cu2O-Si tandem solar cell array put in on an EV. Credit: Toshiba Corporation News Releases

Toshiba has centered its R&D on transparent Cu2O cells. They are shaped from naturally considerable supplies, which lowers prices, and supply mild transmittance that opens the best way to wonderful energy era efficiency. Toshiba developed the primary transparent Cu2O solar cell in 2019, and demonstrated a Cu2O-Si tandem cell delivering 23.8 p.c PCE in the identical 12 months, a time when the everyday PCE of stand-alone silicon solar cells was 22 p.c.

Toshiba's transparent Cu2O tandem solar top cell achieves 8.4% efficiency
Figure 3: Schematic diagram of Cu2O-Si tandem solar cell. Credit: Toshiba Corporation News Releases

The firm’s newest advance in PCE is the results of exact management of CuO and Cu impurities in the course of the fabrication of the cell’s Cu2O layer. These impurities are generated within the present reactive sputtering deposition methodology as a result of nature of the Cu2O, and they’re the most important reason behind diminished PCE and transparency.

Commenting on the breakthrough, Kazushige Yamamoto, Fellow at Toshiba’s Corporate Research & Development Center, stated: “X-ray diffraction analysis allows us to detect and quantify the degree of the CuO and Cu, giving us data that helps us to identify the best deposition method to control the impurities to the lowest level. Our targets are 10 percent PCE for the top Cu2O cell, and 80 percent of transmittance. This breakthrough brings us a step closer to those goals (Figure 4).”

Toshiba's transparent Cu2O tandem solar top cell achieves 8.4% efficiency
Figure 4: Transparent Cu2O cell improvement progress. Credit: Toshiba Corporation News Releases

Details on this expertise have been just lately revealed in Applied Physics Letters.

With help from NEDO, Toshiba will proceed analysis to realize the ten% PCE goal for top Cu2O cells. Toshiba can also be cooperating with Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corporation within the improvement of large-scale Cu2O solar cells which are the identical dimension as mass-produced silicon . The two firms purpose to produce samples for exterior evaluations by FY2023, with a roadmap to finishing manufacturing applied sciences for business merchandise by FY2025.

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More data:
Soichiro Shibasaki et al, Highly transparent Cu2O absorbing layer for skinny movie solar cells, Applied Physics Letters (2021). DOI: 10.1063/5.0072310

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