Tuesday, January 25, 2022

‘Leave No Traces’ Team On Choosing Perspectives In Poland’s Oscar Entry – Deadline Virtual Screening Series

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Debuting on the Venice Film Festival earlier this 12 months, Leave No Traces immediately grew to become Poland’s official submission for the International Feature Oscar race. Directed by Jan P. Matuszyński, it’s based mostly on a reportage by Cezary Lazarewicz and chronicles true occasions that passed off in 1983, when Poland was shaken by the case of a highschool pupil overwhelmed to dying by militia. Subsequently, the one witness to the beating grew to become the No. 1 enemy of the state.

Matuszyński and lead actor Tomasz Ziętek, sat down with us for a chat after Deadline’s digital screening of the movie (see video above).

Ziętek performs Jurek, witness to the beating of Grzegorz Przemyk. The movie follows his story because the oppressive regime used its complete equipment — the key service, militia, the media and the courts — to squeeze Jurek and different individuals near the case, together with his mother and father and Przemyk’s mom, Barbara.

Matuszyński tells us within the video that he at first thought of doing the movie from the attitude of the mom, however determined it might be “too narrow.” Instead, he targeted on Jurek’s perspective, “which allows you to bring up those big questions: What does it mean that he saw everything? What does it mean the whole truth? Can you actually repeat everything that happened there?”

Matuszyński knew of Ziętek from his earlier work, which incorporates Oscar-nominated Corpus Christi, and mentioned the actor was his first selection. Ziętek instructed us he noticed the construction of the movie affecting the views of the character “because of the amount of information, true or false, about him creates the final image of him.”

Matuszyński famous, “I had some sort of a blank spot in our history and this is why I am probably so interested in that kind of story. I was born a year after it all happened so when I read the book I thought this is a very interesting story that just happened a bit earlier — and I want to go there inside.”

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