Monday, November 29, 2021

You probably can’t afford this hideous Gucci Xbox

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Microsoft and the fashion brand Gucci have teamed up on a ridiculously expensive Gucci-themed Xbox Series X that will be released in limited quantities next week.

It looks bad, in my opinion; the Gucci Xbox Series X has double G patterns plastered all over it, which I feel ruins the sleek aesthetic of the console’s original design. And it’s completely unaffordable to the average person, costing a cool $10,000, according to Gucci’s website.

All this for just $10,000.
Image: Gucci

With that five-figure sum, you do get a few extras, including two Gucci-themed Xbox controllers, a subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (though it’s unclear for how long), and an Xbox-branded suitcase in which to carry the console and controllers. And you’re also buying the exclusivity of having one of 100 of the limited-edition consoles. If you must have it, the console will be available November 17th on Gucci’s website and in select Gucci stores.

The Gucci Xbox is the fashion brand’s latest work in gaming, which also includes virtual sneakers for VRChat and Roblox, a surreal Gucci-themed garden for Roblox, and a partnership with the gaming organization 100 Thieves. And Gucci isn’t the only fashion house getting involved with video games; Louis Vuitton designed skins for League of Legends in 2019, while Balenciaga worked with Epic Games to create a whole world in Fortnite this year.

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