Sunday, December 5, 2021

Tech workers were warned that they would quit. The problem is growing out of control

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IT and tech workers who quit are at risk of “spiralling beyond control” because of constant burnout, a lack of career advancement, and unreasonable demands from employers cause tech industry workers to leave the to the other side.

Recent research by the training platform TalentLMS and Workable, which is a supplier of software for recruitment, suggests that IT and tech professionals will likely be planning for a departure in the near future. In a survey of 1200 IT and tech workers in the US almost three quarters (72 72%) stated that they planned to quit within the next year.

Information taken from Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that the quitting percentage in the US was at a record highest at 4.3 million during August of 2021. Meanwhile, the data from Bankrate in the same month shows that roughly half the US workforce will leave their job in the next twelve months.

Stress, burnout and a feeling among tech workers that their work has not been acknowledged are common as reasons why employees are who are looking to leave. The survey, which included 600 of the data engineering team carried out by Wakefield Research found that 97 percent of them reported feeling exhausted and many of them cited constant requests from their employers. constant interruptions and interruptions to their work-life balance, undefined projects and “a constant stream of half-cooked requests from the stakeholders.”

Such was the widespread feeling of stress among engineers in the field that 78% of them said they would prefer their jobs came with a therapist who could aid in managing stress. Seventy-nine percent of respondents said they thought about quitting the field of data engineering completely.

The study was requested by the data catalogue platform as well as DataOps subsidiary DataKitchen.The researchers cautioned that the issue of professional burnout was so serious that it had to be thought of as “every company’s first priority” to ensure they remain working.

“Data engineers put in extra hours to fill in the gaps between their performance and expectations,” the researchers wrote.

“When the deliverables are met Data engineers are regarded as heroes. But, “heroism” is an illusion. Heroes sacrifice their the balance of work and life. Heroes of the past are quickly lost when there’s an upcoming deliverable that needs to be met. The long hours can cause burnout, anxiety and even depression.

“These data engineers believe that the field that is data engineering a mess. Could it be fixed?”

TalentLMS and Workable both found the high level of burnout among tech workers, which was reported to 58% those who responded to the survey of the companies. Burnout sufferers are twice as likely to leave their jobs as those who do not as the study found with 30 percent of respondents citing it as the main reason they’re looking into a career change.

However, there is a lack of progression for career advancement (41 percent), a lack of flexibility with work hours (40 percent) and toxic workplaces (39 percent) and not feeling recognized or appreciated (37 percent) were named as the most significant driving factors for IT and tech workers in the study conducted by TalentLMS as well as Workable.


Respondents also felt as if they were an afterthought in terms of their career development 75% of respondents said that their business was focusing more on attracting new workers than investing in their existing employees.

Keith MacKenzie, content strategy manager at Workable the company, stated that businesses need to concentrate on getting better at attracting the best talent, but also invest in the development of tech workers after they’ve been hired. “There’s an enormous path to follow: locate and then hire the best candidates and help them develop once they join your company,” said MacKenzie.

“There is plenty of young talent It’s all about finding those who are there and helping them realize their full potential together in partnership with you. This can be a huge draw -and a great way to retain them for your employees in this new era.”

Maintaining tech workers’ motivation and engaged is a different issue, particularly following months of pandemic lockdown restrictions and a lack of opportunities to progress due to cost-saving strategies.

However, companies that invest in employee’s professional development will succeed in keeping staff members 62% of respondents in TalentLMS and Workable’s poll said having more education and training encouraged them to work, and so did the flexibility of working hours and locations (50 percent) and opportunities to upskill or reskill (45 percent).


Another survey by TalentLMS with 1,000 remote workers in January 2021 revealed that education and training were “a major driver for the employee’s confidence as well as productivity.” Anthony Klotz, associate professor at Texas A&M University’s Mays Business School, said although the number of tech workers considering leaving was high, the majority of the factors that led to them seeking to leave were “readily accessible.”

“Providing people with more chances for growth and advancement in their careers, offering employees more freedom in how they schedule their day raising salaries, and offering benefits employees desire are all feasible,” Klotz said.

“There is a great opportunity for businesses to engage with the employees they employ about this issue following the onset of the pandemic and then test or develop solutions.”

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