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Amazon’s new work-from-home policy Let teams make the final decision

Amazon Chief Executive Andy Jassy sent an email to employees on Monday announcing changes to the work-from-home policy for office workers. In August the original plan was in place for workers to be back at the workplace beginning in the month of January with the intention to have employees working three days of the week at work and two days of the week at home. In this new rule which was announced on Tuesday, Amazon lets individual teams determine when their staff members must be brought to work.

Here’s Jassy’s explanation for the policy changes and the way they’ll be implemented:

In our corporate roles rather than stating that employees work a minimum of three days per week at the office We’ll let this to the individual teams. The decision will be taken group by director level. We anticipate the teams working mostly remotely, other teams who work a combination of remote work and an office setting, some teams that decide that clients are better served if the team primarily working inside the offices. We’re not recommending the number of days or days, but it is up to the Directors to decide in conjunction with their senior managers and teams. The decision-making process must be guided by what is going to work best for our clients; and no surprise, we’ll continue to be evaluated based on how we perform for our customers regardless of the location where the work is done.

Jassy believes that employees should be expecting to hear from their team’s leaders about their plans prior to the 3rd of January. But, “we want most of our employees to be close to their team members so that they can go to the office to meet with their team members within one day’s notice,” According to Jassy. Employees can also work for up to four weeks a year completely remote, so that they work in the country in which they work.

The changes are only applicable to office workers. Other employees which include warehouse employees, drivers, AWS datacenter employees, retail employees, and those who are developing devices, will not be such flexible schedules.

Amazon isn’t the only one to have recently updated its plans to bring employees back into the workplace because of uncertainty about the spread of COVID-19. In August the two companies Apple along with Google extended their deadline for returning to the office until January 2022. Then, in September, Microsoft went a step further, delaying indefinitely the reopening of its office.



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