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Windows 11 launches with redesigned start menu

Windows 11, the most recent version of Microsoft’s computer operating system, will be available all over the world on Tuesday as a free upgrade available to Windows 10 users.

Windows Chief Product Officer Panos Panay, told the BBC that the most recent version is designed for “clean and fresh and simpler” for users.

He said that his new system will not represent an “extreme departure” from what people are used to.

Even the most inexperienced users can easily upgrade He added.

“I use the frame of my father – he’s 89,” Mr. Panay stated. “I’m thrilled for him to press the button and upgrade I’m sure you don’t know.

“Not because he’s my dad – because I just want it to be easy for him.”

The expert user had tested the upgrade extensively via Windows’s Insider trial program, and were sure there would not be problems with the teething process, and that it is “ready now”.

Press Start

Windows 11 has some significant changes to its design, as well as certain changes to the way that Windows operates underneath the underneath the.

The default Start menu is centered on the screen, with icons that appear in the taskbar. When you click the Start button, it opens an option menu with frequently utilized apps.

In certain ways, it resembles the look and feel of an app menu on smartphones or launcher. Microsoft has also eliminated its “tiles” which were present in Windows 10’s start menu.

Mr. Panay claimed that the team gained knowledge about Windows 8 from Windows 8, which removed the start menu completely and causing a lot of upset to users..

“You learn from that, of course, and then you adapt,” He explained.

The design of Windows 11’s interface required monitoring how users use their computers “what they want to click on, where their eyes are on the machine when they come into our labs,” the researcher explained.

“You get this confidence of learning from history,” said the historian.

In the case of Windows 11, “the Start button is right there. It’s right in the middle of the screen. It’s not gone.”

‘New era’

In the year Windows 10 came out, Microsoft stated that it was”the “last version” of the operating system. This has clearly changed.

“We’re in a time where there is a bit of a new era for the PC happening right now,” Panay said. Panay stated.

“I think Windows 11 kind of stamps that moment and it is a signal for that moment.”

All across the operating system The design favors around corners and has made menus easier as well as folder view. There are also improvements to the way you can the arrangement of window windows, and “snapping” them into grids.

Widgets, which were a key attraction in Windows Vista in 2007 Windows Vista, also make an appearance – however, rather than “floating” on the screen depending on where they are placed by the user on, they are placed in a sidebar that is on the left and are connected with Microsoft services.

Certain changes go beyond designing and interface.

Integrations into the system for Microsoft Teams that replace Skype and the Xbox app are both prominent in Microsoft’s marketing.

The Microsoft Store – the Windows version of an app store has been completely revamped and will permit third-party apps to sell on it without having to take a significant percentage.

One feature that has raised eyebrows in the tech world was the announcement that Windows 11 would run Android smartphones via Amazon’s Amazon App Store.

Early adopters have noted that the built-in search feature of the latest version is much quicker on all devices. However, it favors Microsoft’s own products, Bing and the Edge browser, when it comes to delivering results from the internet.

Time to upgrade

Gaming enthusiasts, Microsoft claims that their new technology for drives, Direct Storage can lead to faster loading times in games because it allows an graphics card to connect to storage drives without having to go directly to the processor centrally.

This feature, along with other features, requires modern hardware in order to function.

Therefore it is possible that not every computer can benefit from all the benefits of upgrading – and certain computers may not be capable of upgrading at all.

The minimum requirements are an electronic security chip referred to as TPM, which is only available on computers that are modern.

“If your device does not meet these requirements, you may not be able to install Windows 11 on your device and might want to consider purchasing a new PC,” Microsoft states.

The company just announced an array of new hardware devices that will be compatible with the latest Windows version.

However, those who already have Windows 10 do not need to spend the money as long as their computer is running. Windows 10 will continue to be supported and receive security updates through October 2025.



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