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Twitch confirms massive data breach

Gaming streaming platform Twitch has been the subject of a leak, disclosing confidential company data and streaming players’ earnings.

Over 100GB worth of information was uploaded to the Internet on Wednesday.

The documents seem to indicate the top streamers on Twitch each earned millions of dollars through Amazon’s company in the last two years.

Twitch acknowledged the vulnerability and said the company was “working with urgency” to determine the extent of the breach.

In an announcement published on Twitter the company stated that it would “update the community as soon as additional information is available”.

The Fortnite streaming player BBG Calc has told BBC News: “The earnings list got my figure 100% correct.”

Another streamer has confirmed to the BBC that their earnings were “accurate” while a third person closely associated with the player with the most attention said the information was “about right”.

The people behind the leak claimed to possess the source code for the video platform.

Top earners

The documents, which are shared on online forums, seem to indicate that the payments were made from September or August 2019 until October 2021.

There are some versions that share online points at well-known streamers such as Dungeons and Dragons Channel CriticalRole, Canadian CQC, and American Summit1g. These are among the top performers.

Twitch is well-known for its strict guarding of operations details, such as the amount its streamers are paid, and this is awfully embarrassing for the business.

This occurs at a moment when companies like YouTube Gaming are offering huge pay packages to attract gamers, and the consequences could be substantial.

Apart from salary information, The documents appear to include the site’s source code as well as technical information for not yet released platforms and products.

Evidence is building that at the very least some evidence that appears to be real.

Security experts have told me that the files include things like server information that are accessible to Twitch personnel only.

If it’s verified, it’ll be the biggest data leak I’ve ever witnessed – all of a business’s most valuable information cleaned out in one quick sweep.

However, the list of payments that appears to be taken from Twitch itself, isn’t likely to include sponsorship deals as well as other off-platform activities, or even include tax payments on earnings.

Many, if not all of these streamers are actually large-scale media businesses that have their own employees and business expenses thus the numbers don’t reflect “take-home pay” for those mentioned, even if it is authentic.

The documents may also include a cache of internal Twitch information.

Metadata posted to internet forums shows the folders of data titled after significant software areas, like:

  • “core config packages”
  • “devtools” (developer tools)
  • “infosec” (information security)

The documents also contain the source code of Twitch’s site and other services, which are labeled “part one” – suggesting that there is more unknown information.

In the first online blog post that linked to the data, an anonymous user called Twitch as a Twitch group “a disgusting toxic cesspool” and claimed that the leak was made public “to foster more disruption and competition” in the field of video streaming.

In the last few times, Twitch has been battling various issues with its platform, including “hate raids” – targeted harassment of streamers with ethnic minorities.

In the beginning of September, a boycott called “a day off Twitch” created a strike by creators in protest against the inaction of the company regarding hate-related raids.

The United Kingdom’s Information Commissioner’s Office said it did not receive any notification of any data breaches through Twitch as well as Amazon.



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