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The Steve Jobs deal with Michael Dell could have changed Apple and tech history

There have been 10 years after Steve Jobs’ death. of Steve Jobs. Michael Dell talks about his memories of Steve Jobs, the icon of technology, and he recalls the time when Jobs tried to persuade Dell to purchase Mac software to run on Intel-based computers.

Since Steve Jobs passed away, on October. 5 in 2011, iPhone, Mac and iPad have iPhone, Mac and iPad have helped transform Apple into among the largest businesses on earth with more than a billion people using Apple’s technology as every day.

This is a significant shift from 1997, when following his return as interim CEO of an Apple which was just months from being bankrupt, Jobs was looking for assistance and was famously awarded an $115 million loan through Microsoft along with Bill Gates and gave Microsoft’s Internet Explorer a boost over the well-known Netscape Navigator browser. However, less well-known is the fact that Jobs was also adamant about negotiating an agreement to a deal with Michael Dell and his namesake PC business, which may have changed the direction of Apple and the history of technology forever.



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