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Amazon opens first UK non-food store

Amazon expands its reach on High Street by opening its first store outside of food inside the UK.

The shop, which is located in the Bluewater shopping mall close to Dartford it will offer around 22,000 of the most sought-after and highly-rated items.

It’s referred to as Amazon 4-star because each product has been awarded at least four-star from customers.

One expert on retail claimed that the shop was “muddled and uninspiring”.

It will be the very first Amazon four-star retailer outside of the US which has more than 30 stores.

The wide range of products available includes consumer electronics, books games, toys, and homewares, reflect the items Amazon customers are purchasing online.

There’s a “Most Wished For” section, For instance, it lists the most sought-after items on wish lists of users.

Price tags that are digital can be used to make sure the price is the same on the internet and in stores. The customer doesn’t require an Amazon account to access it.

Customers can also pick up items purchased online and return them without the need to pack and labels them.

Andy Jones, director of Amazon 4-star UK has declined to reveal the number of stores he is planning to launch across the UK.

Amazon effect

This giant of the world is often accused of taking down it all by destroying the High Street by undercutting traditional retailers and paying less taxes.

Then it’s on to their physical patch, too.

However, an expert in retail Natalie Berg said the Amazon move “is purely about experimentation”.

The goal of the giant was, according to her, to promote more online shopping.

“This is not about shifting more product; it’s about baiting shoppers into Amazon’s ecosystem,” Ms. Berg said.

“It’s about getting shoppers to engage with Amazon’s devices, reminding Prime customers of the value in their memberships, and offering additional choice when it comes to collection and returns of online orders.”

Amazon has opened six convenience stores for grocery in the UK with checkout-free technologies.

However, she said. Berg said the jury is still out on how the world’s most innovative retailer can fulfill something that is essential retail tasks – running stores.

“The 4-star concept has the potential to be a bit muddled and uninspiring,” she stated.

“The store has a variety of merchandise, the outcome of Amazon’s extremely methodical, data-driven approach to retail.

“But when you strip out the high-tech touches, I struggle to see how it differentiates from any other retailer,” says Ms. Berg.

However, landlords may appreciate the move in their efforts to find new partners to take over empty stores driven by our online shopping habits.



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