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Fighting a National Or Global Outage With Facebook

Fighting a National Or Global Outage With Facebook

The recent global outage was caused by a vulnerability in Facebook’s server. This flaw affected not only Facebook, but many other sites as well, including PayPal, Yahoo, Google, and a number of other popular sites. When the global outage happened, PayPal alone had over a billion dollars in transactions processed. This would have been impossible without Facebook. The following is a Facebook fights global outage and whistleblower revelations.

Facebook fights global outage and whistleblower revelations

It seems obvious at this point that the Facebook website was hacked. The website is down globally because every single server is dependent on Facebook to function. This means that when Facebook goes down, so do thousands or even millions of websites that rely on Facebook for their functionality. At this time, no one knows exactly how extensive the damage will be, but the potential is definitely here. The implications could be disastrous for business owners and consumers everywhere if this is true.

One problem that you might notice right away is Facebook’s down status. Facebook is the biggest name on the internet and is used by millions of people around the world. If millions of people around the globe were suddenly unable to access their accounts, then communication in general would stop instantly. There would be massive chaos, which we know is what happened during the recent global outage.

So how would everyone be able to get back into their accounts? Would there be a way to regain access by brute force? It appears so, but it will take a lot longer than anticipated. If anyone could gain access to Facebook’s server, they could have gained access to all of our information. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a world where we can simply ask for a second chance.

Facebook’s website says that the issue is still ongoing. We won’t know for sure until the investigation is over, but it is safe to say that Facebook is dealing with a global outage at this time. It is not known if the outage is being caused by the weather, or some other outside influence. It’s also not clear if the global outage has affected other websites or not. It’s possible that this could only be affecting Facebook right now, but it’s also quite possible that this could affect many other websites as well. It’s important to watch this situation because this could very well be the beginning of a much larger problem.

When the worldwide global outage started, Facebook had no immediate way to help users access their account. In fact, Facebook was not even online during this time. Only later did they release a statement about the outage, but little is known at this time. They are still working on an issue that has yet to be resolved, and it’s likely this will be the case for quite some time.

At this point, it’s unknown why Facebook was not immediately available to everyone. Some speculate that it was because of the global nature of the information that Facebook was posting. For example, millions of people may have been accessing the Facebook website during that time, but since this was a national outage, everyone else’s Facebook pages were down. This would make it impossible for Facebook to keep up with everyone’s information. At least, at this time, it appears that this would not be the reason, but it is one possibility.

For now, it’s best to wait and see what Facebook does. While the company assures that they are working on an issue that is currently being tackled, it would still be best to avoid Facebook during a national or global outage. There is always a chance that Facebook could face another cyber attack just like what happened to them recently. They also recently experienced a number of DDoS attacks, which is basically a massive amount of traffic flooding a website in order to overload it and get it shut down. Although it looks like a cyber attack on Facebook may be imminent, it’s important to remember that a national outage would impact everyone the world over, including Facebook’s customers and creators.



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