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A flying Ring camera, a new Echo and more devices announced by Amazon

Amazon unveiled a number of new devices Tuesday during an online stream.

This tech giant is best known for its vast online retail empire. It introduced several gadgets including an Echo Show with touchscreen and a new line of Ring cameras.

Amazon’s event concludes a busy month in tech that began with Apple’s announcement and launch the iPhone 13 along with two new iPads, and Apple Watch.

Microsoft unveiled a new line of Surface devices last week. It includes a laptop and 2-in-1 tablets. This is to make use of Windows 11, the next operating platform for PCs, which launches on Oct. 5.

This is what Amazon announced Tuesday:

Amazon Smart Thermostat

Resideo, the maker of Honeywell Home thermostats is teaming up with tech giant Apple to create a smart thermostat starting from $59. Some consumers may be eligible to receive the thermostat free of charge after receiving utility rebates.

The thermostat uses Alexa to allow users to adjust their temperature settings based on what they prefer. The thermostat will work with most HVAC systems because of its partnership with Resideo.

Amazon Glow: A tablet for children on your table

Amazon Glow is the best family gadget. It combines video calls and a projector to give kids a tablet experience on any flat surface, such as a table.

Catherine Teitelbaum, a member of Amazon’s Family Trust, explained that Glow was created for grandparents and grandkids, who may be able to connect via Zoom or other video calling platforms. Glow is designed to bring people together virtually and create more memorable moments.

Teitelbaum stated, “We are asking the children to meet us where our grownup lives are.”

The 8-inch LCD display is used for video calls. The projector can create 19-inch touch-sensitive spaces. The Glow also uses a silicone mat and an infrared plan just above it. A camera is attached to the projector to detect hand movements.

Behrang Assadi is senior manager of product and marketing at Amazon.

A grandparent can also join a child who is working on a puzzle in the Glow space. They can chat with their grandchild while they work on the puzzle on an app for iOS or Android.

The Glow also offers books and games such as Chess, Checkers, or Go Fish. To create new content for children, Amazon has partnered with Mattel and Disney. The Glow is packaged with Tangram Bits, a puzzle game that allows remote players to participate.

Glow will retail for $299.99 but will be available for $249.99 for a limited period. Amazon invites customers to request early access.

Echo Show 15 – Big screen to stay organized

The Echo Show 15 is a large family bulletin board. You can place the 15-inch display on a countertop or on a wall as a photo. The Show can either be displayed horizontally or vertically.

Amazon claims that this Show was created to entertain and help families stay organized. It can support a variety widgets, such as weather, calendar and sticky notes that help families keep track of their activities and appointments.

You can also control your smart home devices. And because it has a large display, you can view movies and shows from Netflix, Hulu, or other streaming services. Amazon stated that it will soon be able to support TikTok and Sling TV, which will be available on all Show devices in the near future.

You can also hide your notes and widgets when guests are at your home and replace them with photos or art like they are in a frame.

Visual ID is also available on the device, which is similar to features such as face recognition found on iPhones. The Show recognizes users through their camera when they create a profile and pulls up the relevant widgets or notes.

Amazon stated that owners can turn off the microphone and camera at any time. The camera also has a built in shutter. It will be available for purchase later in the year at $249.99

Always Home Cam actually flies

Amazon didn’t expect to launch a device. Yet, we’re here with Amazon’s new Ring camera. The Always Home Cam will be able to fly alone and can be monitored by users by creating pre-determined routes. The Always Home Cam has active sensors and advanced navigation algorithms. It also features an onboard flight control system that allows it to fly wherever its owners want. A video demonstration shows how owners can control the camera using an app. After choosing a path, the camera will pop out from its hub and begin its aerial surveillance.

Amazon stated that the camera can only record during flight. Customers can request an invitation for the Always Home Cam to be purchased starting Tuesday.

Ring Alarm Pro with a virtual security guard

Amazon’s next-generation home alarm system, the Ring Alarm Pro, is now available. It comes with an integrated eero WiFi router and backup internet to ensure you never lose your connection. It can detect smoke, leaks, and other emergency situations. Ring Protect Pro, a subscription service that adds video cloud storage, professional monitoring, and cybersecurity features to the company’s offering, will be available. The Alarm is $249.99 and the Protect Pro subscription costs $20 per month ($200 annually).

You can add a Virtual Security Guard to your subscription. This separate service allows users to allow professional monitoring companies to monitor events on Ring outdoor cameras. This service is available by invitation only and will be available beginning Tuesday.

Halo: Amazon’s answer for Fitbit

Amazon has launched a waterproof fitness tracker called Halo View. It comes with seven days of battery life, and is available in three styles. You can also add different bands, such as leather. The Halo View is available for $79.99 and will be available in the holiday season.

A Halo subscription will include a range of tools, including body composition tracking and sleep analysis. The cost of the tracker is $3.99 per month. It also includes Halo Nutrition and immersive workouts.



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