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Slackware Releases Version 15.0 Beta: Look Out for These New Features

Slackware Version 15.0 beta is out with interesting features and changes. Here’s what you need to know about the release.


Slackware Linux, one of the oldest Linux distributions still in wide use, has released a beta version of its upcoming version 15.0, according to Network World.

What Is Slackware Linux?

Slackware Linux is a distro founded by Patrick Volkerding in 1993, the year he received his computer science degree from Minnesota State University Moorhead. The distro takes its name from a concept from the parody religion Church of the SubGenius, of which Volkerding is a member.

Slackware is well-known for its attempts to create a true Unix-like Linux distribution. The configuration of the system is done through the command line and plain text configuration files. Slackware’s approach to package management exemplifies its ethos of technical simplicity. The packages are just compressed TAR files and the system leaves the users to manage any dependencies.

The distro is popular for the glacial pace. The current stable release, 14.2, was released in 2016, an eternity in the fast-moving Linux world. But that doesn’t mean the pace of development has slowed behind the scenes. The changelog for the “current” development version, which will become 15.0, shows a flurry of activity.

What’s New in Slackware 15.0?

Slackware installation setup menu

Even as the distro’s website and installer feel like stepping into a ’90s time warp, the new version has some more modern components. The system uses kernel version 5.10, with 5.11 available as an experimental option. The system includes modern components, like the Xfce and KDE desktops.

As more distros move from X to Wayland for desktop graphics, Slackware also supports Wayland in the beta, though there still seems to be an emphasis on X, due to the distro’s preference for proven, stable software.

Should You Get Slack?

You might wonder if Slackware is for you. If you like tinkering and aren’t afraid of the command line, it might be well worth at least checking out in a virtual machine.

If you think the components are too old and find manually managing dependencies too complicated, you might consider using Arch Linux, another distro aimed at technically-minded users with newer software and automatic dependency resolution.

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