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Microsoft Edge Is Getting a Reverse Image Search Tool

In just two clicks, you can perform a reverse image search without navigating away from the page you’re on.

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Microsoft is gunning to get more people onto its new Chromium Edge browser; to do that, it’s developing handy tools that come pre-installed in the browser to encourage people over. Now, the Redmond company is trying out implementing a reverse image search tool into its Bing browser.

What’s On the Horizon for Microsoft Edge?

A Reddit user named u/Leopeva64-2 posted evidence of this new feature on the Microsoft Edge subreddit. They note that this feature currently only appears in the Microsoft Edge Dev version.

It appears that when you right-click on an image in the Dev version, a new entry appears on the context menu: “Search Bing in sidebar for image.” If you click it, a sidebar appears to the right of your window and shows all the reverse image results from Bing.

By putting the search results in the sidebar, it allows you to see the results without navigating away from the page you’re currently on. You can then click on and interact with the images in the sidebar, just like you would after a Bing search.

Unfortunately, it seems that Microsoft currently wants people to use only Bing when they perform a reverse image search in Edge. User u/Dutchmann_ asked the original poster if you could edit the tool’s options and change the preferred search engine. Unfortunately, as of right now, there seems to be no way to do so.

Regardless, it’s a handy way to quickly look for images if you’re using Microsoft Edge. The software giant has been on a roll by adding handy online services directly into its browser, so users don’t need to install any extensions to get the most out of it.

For instance, while other browsers typically require you to download and install a price comparison tool, Microsoft added one directly into Edge. This meant that anyone with a Windows 10 machine has access to lower prices without downloading anything new.

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Given how well Microsoft Edge is doing right now, the company needs to do all it can to prevent its newfound success from petering out. As such, expect more of these little features to pop up in the Dev and Canary versions of Microsoft Edge in the future.

Making Image Searches Easier With Microsoft Edge

If you like using reverse image search tools, you may want to check out Microsoft Edge. A new feature has arrived on the Dev build that lets you reverse image search in a sidebar, so it doesn’t interrupt your browsing.

If you haven’t been keeping tabs on reverse image search technology, it’s getting pretty advanced these days. For instance, there are search engines that can now scan and recognize faces in images.

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