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Microsoft Edge Is Closing In on a Linux Release

You can now download the beta version of Edge on Linux, meaning that a full release isn’t long now.

Edge on Linux

Perhaps downloading and using Microsoft Edge isn’t at the forefront of Linux user’s minds, but it’s at least something they can now do. Microsoft is bringing a Beta version of Edge onto the niche operating system, and you can download it today.

Microsoft’s Quest for Edge on Linux

As spotted by Windows Central, Microsoft has brought the Microsoft Edge Beta onto Linux distros. If you use Debian or Ubuntu, you can download Edge as a .deb file; otherwise, if you use Fedora or openSUSE, you can grab the .rpm instead.

If this news sounds familiar, it’s because Microsoft previously released a dev version of Edge onto Linux back in 2020. However, now Linux users can grab a more updated a stable Beta version as Microsoft paves the way toward a stable release.

Ready or Not, Here Comes Microsoft Edge

Linux users may not be so enthusiastic about downloading Microsoft Edge onto their computers, but the Redmond tech giant is making it easy to do so if they want to. Now you can grab a more stable release of Edge on Linux while Microsoft works on a proper release.

If you can’t think of any browse you’d use less than Edge, it’s worth noting that the browser has come leaps and bounds in the space of a year. For instance, the browser has plenty of cool hidden features you can use that makes browsing the web a lot easier.

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Microsoft Edge - Hidden Features
The 7 Best Hidden Features in Microsoft Edge

Are you stuck on Chrome? Now you can do more with these novel features on Microsoft Edge.

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