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Get Better IT Training Today With a Subscription to ITU Online All-Access

If you need to boost your IT skills, a subscription to ITU Online All-Access might be what you need.


The world of IT is a dynamic place. New technologies are constantly coming on the scene, while old ones are continually given updates and overhauls.

As such, if you’re a professional who is working in the IT sector, it can be a never-ending battle to stay ahead of the curve. Not only do you need to keep your ear to the ground to make sure you do not miss out on the next “big thing,” but you also need to regularly pay for new training to make sure you are not left behind by your peers in the job market.

Instead of investing endless time and money into doing your own research, it is much easier to subscribe to a trustworthy and in-depth online courses provider.

One such provider is ITU Online. A three-year membership to ITU Online All-Access normally costs $400 and a lifetime plan normally costs $700. However, we’ve teamed up with ITU and can offer you the two plans for $200 and $300 respectively.

What Is ITU Online All-Access?

Since 2012, ITU Online Training has provided online, on-demand IT training content to over 650,000 students, over 200 companies, and over 50 public entities.

All the content is taught by highly qualified instructors, with features including progress trackers, a note-taking function, and practice exams with every course.

If you sign up for the plan, you will get access to more than 220 full-length courses on a wide range of IT topics. There are also more than 19,000 exam questions to help you cement your knowledge and prep for certification tests.

Some of the course categories you can access on the platform include:

  • Adobe
  • Databases
  • Cisco Courses
  • CompTIA
  • Microsoft
  • Programming and Web Development
  • Project Management
  • Cybersecurity
  • Social Media and Marketing
  • Cloud Services and Virtualization

Each one of the different categories is packed with courses.

Get a Subscription to ITU Online All-Access Today

If you want to subscribe to either the three-year deal or the lifetime access package, just click on the link and add it to your shopping cart.

There are no restrictions on geographic regions that can access the content, but please be aware that English is the only language offered.

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