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Alexa Show Mode Turns Your Lenovo Laptop Into an Echo Show

Your Lenovo laptop can now do nearly everything that an Echo Show can.

Amazon Echo Show on an IdeaPad

Thanks to Alexa Show Mode, your Lenovo laptop can now do much more than just serve as your gateway to the internet. Alexa Show Mode essentially transforms your laptop into an Echo Show, providing the same functionality as the smart device.

Alexa Show Mode Is Finally Here

Lenovo’s newest laptop models, including select models within the Yoga, ThinkPad, and IdeaPad lines, now come with support for Alexa Show Mode. According to a press release on Amazon’s Device Makers Blog, Show Mode is currently available for eligible Windows 10 Lenovo laptops.

Lenovo first unveiled the new feature in a January 2021 press release on the Lenovo website, noting that “Show Mode transforms your Lenovo PC into a hands-free, full-screen Alexa experience.”

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Now that the feature is finally here, you can activate Show Mode by simply saying: “Alexa, Open Show Mode,” or by selecting the Show Mode button on your computer’s built-in Alexa app.

This will pull up a display that closely resembles the interface of an actual Echo Show device. From here, you can do nearly everything that you can do with a typical Echo Show.

That includes asking Alexa to search for recipes, make to-do lists, read an audiobook to you, create reminders, and even play games. You can also use Show Mode to control any other smart devices around your home, as well as use the Drop In feature to talk with friends and family members.

“Alexa for PC in Show Mode allows users to get more utility out of their PC even when the PC is inactive,” Amazon notes. “With the ‘set it and forget it’ Alexa experience in Show Mode, users can talk to Alexa on a large screen display without having to either be in front of their PC at all times or reach for their phone to get things done.”

Adding Alexa Show Mode to Lenovo laptops only adds to the functionality of these devices. Since Lenovo has a range of two-in-one laptops that double as tablets, adding Alexa into the mix can add a whole new layer of convenience to these devices.

Lenovo Laptops Now Double as a Smart Assistant

Windows 10 already comes with Cortana, so adding Alexa might seem like overkill.

Plus, if you want to take full advantage of Show Mode on your laptop, you’ll have to leave your device on 24/7—that way, Alexa can listen and respond to your queries throughout the day.

Lenovo says that this won’t affect battery life, but it still might be a bit unnerving to have the assistant listening to you all day, especially if you’re not a frequent user of smart assistants.

Echo Show 10
The Amazon Echo Show 10 Now Supports Zoom Meetings

The smart display has also gained support for Amazon’s Chime teleconferencing platform.

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