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You Can Now Remotely Delete PS5 Games From the PlayStation App

The PlayStation smartphone app now allows you to remove games and files from your console remotely.

Delete games on PS5 with the PlayStation app

Sony has been adding many new useful features to its PlayStation app lately. One of the newest features of this app is the ability to manage the storage of your PS5 right from the app. This remote management allows you to delete games as well as other files on your PlayStation 5 right from this mobile app.

Delete PS5 Games Without a Controller

As first spotted by a Reddit user, the latest version of the PlayStation app for smartphones allows users to remotely manage their PS5’s storage. With this feature, a user can remove contents from the console, including any installed titles and other files.

The app version you need to use this feature is 21.4.

How to Delete PS5 Games From the PlayStation App

To use this feature, your console must be connected to the internet. Also, it must not be turned off when you initiate the deletion action. It’s fine if the console is in rest mode when you perform this process.

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When you’re ready, open the PlayStation app on your supported device. Head inside the storage management option and select the titles to be removed. Follow the on-screen instructions to remove your games.

Your PS5 will boot into normal mode, remove the games and/or files you selected in the PlayStation app, and go back into rest mode.

Other Features in the Latest Version of the PlayStation App

This update adds a few other features as well to the app.

You can now sort and filter in the PS Store to quickly find what you’re looking for. There’s even an option to compare your trophies with your friends.

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Your PS5 game invitations can now be accepted with the updated PlayStation app. The app lets you enable and disable party notifications as well.

How to Get the New PlayStation App Features

If you don’t already see these features in the PlayStation app on your device, you need to update the app to the latest version.

On Android, hit up the Google Play Store, search for PlayStation, and tap Update to update the app. On iOS, open the App Store, find PlayStation, and select Update.

Manage PS5 Storage Remotely With the PlayStation App

Sony has been trying to make the PlayStation app as much useful as possible lately. With the announcement of the above-mentioned features, the app has now become even more useful as it now lets you remotely delete games and manage storage among various other options.

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