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Twitter Acquires Ad-Blocking Service Scroll to Bolster Its Subscription Plans

Twitter seems to be planning to offer users an ad-free experience on the new subscription plans.


Twitter has announced that it is acquiring Scroll. The social media platform said it acquired Scroll to give people a better way to read and publish on Twitter, by solving “one of the most frustrating parts” of online content.

Mike Park, the VP of Product for Twitter, announced on the Twitter Blog the news of the Scroll acquisition. In the announcement, Twitter emphasized its use in the news and online content both for publishers and readers.

Scroll is a service that removes both on-page and pop-up ads from online articles, without the publishers losing out from ad revenue. In fact, Scroll claims that it offers content publishers up to 40 percent more revenue than they would get from ads.

A membership was always required to use Scroll, as the fee allowed the company to pay content providers. This model looks set to continue, as Twitter mentioned it’ll be implementing Scroll in its paid subscription plans.

Scroll’s features would be used primarily for users that are reading content through Twitter. It is unclear whether an ad-free premium plan would include sponsored posts, which are the ads you see as you scroll through your Timeline.

Since the announcement, Scroll’s website has been rebranded with the Twitter logo as well. While Scroll isn’t currently allowing new users to sign-up on its website, it does appear to allow existing users to log in. And publishers are still able to reach out to the company for partnerships.

Twitter Is Doing a Subscription Service?

If you’re not already aware, Twitter plans to release paid subscription plans in the near future. It has not been confirmed when these plans will launch, or how much they would cost, but Twitter has made it clear in multiple blog posts and previous announcements that subscriptions are coming.

Lots of companies have recently begun to offer premium services, and it makes sense for Twitter to do the same. With features such as newsletters and now Scroll, a premium Twitter plan seems like it may be worth the fee.

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It does seem like Twitter has a clear focus on news and content reading on the platform, which is an interesting focus for a social media platform.

Twitter was absolutely right in its blog post. Ads are one of the most annoying parts of accessing content online. However, they are vital in supporting content creators and providers.

It’s refreshing to see that through the acquisition of Scroll, Twitter will allow users to access ad-free content while still supporting publishers. A social media platform without ads is likely to prove very successful, even if users will have to pay a fee for the privilege.

Twitter Considers Subscriptions to Cut Down on Ads

Twitter is thinking about making users pay for subscriptions and exclusive features.

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