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Make Your Facebook Ads More Effective With Writesonic

If you run Facebook ads or produce marketing copy, Writesonic will help you see better results.


Running ads on Facebook can be an effective way to grow your follower base, gain more exposure for your apps/products, and raise your profile among would-be customers.

But the opposite is also true. A poorly judged ad that fails to hit the right keywords or strike the right tone can backfire. At best, it will lead to a poor return on investment. At worst, it could actively hinder your sales and business growth.

Indeed, the same is true for all forms of marketing copy. It doesn’t matter whether you’re writing blog posts, product descriptions, or YouTube titles—all have the potential to perform or fail depending on the type of language you use.

So then the question becomes how you can make sure that you are using the most appropriate and effective type of language for the content you want to create?

Of course, you could work through a long-winded period of trial and error. But that is neither time nor cost-effective. Instead, why not let an AI tool do the hard work for you?

One such tool is Writesonic. Want to know more? Keep reading.

What Is Writesonic?


Writesonic is an AI SaaS tool that will help you to produce perfect marketing copy for a wide range of uses. It works by assessing your input language, matching patterns, and producing improved output.

The process only takes a few seconds to complete. Just choose the template that most closely fits your needs, add a few sentences for Writesonic to work with, and hit the Generate button.

The entire system is built on top of OpenAI’s GPT-3 and is ideal for entrepreneurs, copywriters, marketers, and salespeople.

It even works in more than one language. In addition to English, the app also supports French, Spanish, Italian, German, Polish, Portuguese, Dutch, Japanese, Russian, and Chinese.

Some of the types of content Writesonic can produce include:

  • Landing page headlines
  • Startup ideas
  • Growth ideas
  • YouTube titles
  • Listicle ideas
  • Landing pages
  • Google ads
  • Facebook ads
  • Product descriptions
  • Article summaries
  • Professional emails
  • Entirely AI-based articles
  • Blog ideas
  • Blog intros
  • Blog outlines

How to Get Writesonic

Writesonic does not typically offer lifetime plans. You normally need to pay several thousand dollars in subscription fees if you took out a monthly plan for several years.

However, as an MUO reader, you can grab access for your entire life for just $70. The deal includes 25 credits per month and you will be eligible for all future updates and new features.

To get the deal while you still can, click on the link and add it to your cart.

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