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Kroger Is Testing Drone Deliveries for Groceries

You can soon use the power of modern-day drone technology to satisfy your s’mores cravings.

Kroger drone deliveries

If you’ve fallen in love with doing the grocery shopping in your pajamas, you’ll know the delight of getting everything delivered to your front door. Now, Kroger wants to take this one step further by trialing drone deliveries that bring you groceries through the skies.

What Is Kroger Planning With Its Drone Deliveries?

As the company reports on the official Kroger news website, it’s keen to get groceries out of the delivery van and onto drones. Kroger can’t do this alone, so it asked for assistance from Drone Express to help it get its dreams off of the ground.

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While Kroger likely wants to bring this technology across the US, it’s only trialing in Centerville, Ohio for the time being. If that goes well, Kroger wants to take to the skies in California, too.

As the first town to experience Kroger drone deliveries, Centerville seems to be welcoming this revolution with open arms. The mayor of Centerville, Brooks Compton, had some shining words about the test-run:

Kroger and Drone Express made a great choice in piloting this program in Centerville—a community with a robust business network focused on progress and stability near the birthplace of aviation. Families here have the power to transform grocery delivery around the nation and the globe. We look forward to placing our first order.

The technology is still in its testing phases, so you shouldn’t expect Kroger to pile a week’s worth of shopping onto a drone and call it a day. The drones will only carry goods up to five pounds, so you should stick with delivery vans for those hefty hauls.

Also, for the time being, it seems you won’t be able to pick and choose which groceries you get. Instead, you can select from one of several “bundles” which contain goods that are confirmed to work well with the drones.

For instance, Kroger proposes a “baby care bundle” with everything you need to take care of the little ones. When it’s snack time, you could grab a “s’mores bundle” and have all the ingredients delivered rightaway.

Keep Your Eyes on the Sky for Kroger

The idea of drone deliveries has been kicked around for a few years now, and Kroger is stepping up to the plate to start off the grocery drone delivery business. If you’re around Centerville, Ohio, be sure to try getting your goods via drone soon.

Kroger isn’t the only one trying out drones for delivery. Samsung recently took to the skies to help deliver Galaxy devices in Ireland.

Manna drones
Samsung Is Using Drones to Deliver Galaxy Devices in Ireland

The drone delivery service will allow Samsung to deliver products in just three minutes.

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