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iFixit Drilled a Hole Into an AirTag So You Don’t Have To

If you’re not shy to some light DIY, you can avoid buying AirTags accessories.


iFixit, which is famously known for tearing apart the latest tech products, has done some experimenting with Apple’s AirTag. And it turns out that if you drill a small hole in the right spot, you can add a keychain to an AirTag without buying an additional accessory from Apple. Result!

iFixit Drills a Hole Into an AirTag

While doing a teardown of the newly released AirTags, iFixit discovered that you can successfully drill a small hole into an AirTag.

After some reconnaissance inside our first AirTag, we grabbed a 1/16” drill bit and carefully punched a hole through the second tracker in our four-pack—after removing the battery, of course. We miraculously managed to avoid all chips, boards, and antennas, only drilling through plastic and glue. The best part? The AirTag survived the operation like a champ and works as if nothing happened.

AirTags don’t come with a keychain hole like some of the other Bluetooth trackers on the market. This means that you’ll need to buy an accessory from Apple or a third-party to use an AirTag with a keychain. Or at least that’s what we thought.

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Before getting the drill out, there are a couple of points worth noting. Drilling a hole into an AirTag will certainly void the warranty with Apple if anything goes wrong with the device.

You also need to make sure that you drill in the right place to avoid any of the vital components inside the AirTag. iFixit shows that this spot is on the plastic shell, by one of the clips where there is an empty bit of space.

If you were to accidentally drill through any of these, you’d lose all device function. So, it’s recommended that if you are going to attempt this DIY project that you remove the battery first to avoid puncturing it, as that would cause big problems.

NB: Suffice to say, if you do decide to drill a hole into your AirTag, you do so at your own risk, and MUO will not be held responsible.

For those that aren’t up to date on Apple’s many product releases, AirTags are Bluetooth trackers. You can attach these little discs to your items, and if you ever lose them, the AirTag lets you find them easily.

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Through the Find My app on iPhones, you can see exactly where your AirTags are on the map. AirTags also have a unique feature that lets your iPhone guide you to the tracker at close range, so you don’t end up walking around just listening to the chime.

It’s no secret that Apple likes making money selling extra accessories. So, if you’re looking to save between $10-30 on your AirTag purchase and still be able to hook one on to your keychain, then this light DIY project might be right up your street.

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