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8 Alternative Sites Better Than Goodreads for Book Lovers

Goodreads boasts millions of users and a database full of even more books. People flock to the site to discover new titles to consume or catalog what they’ve already read. The platform offers countless useful features; for a time, users were content with it. That’s no longer the case, with many beginning to look elsewhere to fill their cataloging needs.

There are countless Goodreads alternatives that cater to book lovers’ different needs. Let’s look at some of them.

What Is Goodreads?


Goodreads is a social platform that caters to avid readers, book creators and consumers. It lets you create bookshelves and fill them with books you have written, read, or plan to read. It helps you keep a neat record of every title, and once you’ve read it, it allows you to share your thoughts on it. You can leave a review, give the book a star rating, and move on to the next.

You also get recommendations tailored to your specific tastes based on your shelves, and you have access to an established community of book lovers. You can also use the platform to set reading challenges for yourself for no reward other than your sense of accomplishment.

Goodreads has stagnated and many users are looking elsewhere for book communities. There are now many other options, all with features that match or surpass those of Goodreads. Book lovers can find a slew of apps designed to fit their needs. There are even apps designed for social reading.


The StoryGraph platform is fairly new to the scene, as it officially released at the start of 2021. It’s praised as not only an alternative to Goodreads, but as the best option to replace the platform.

StoryGraph offers much more features when it comes to reviewing books, and the recommendations you get are better tailored as they take more factors into account. Its database has not yet reached the scale of Goodreads’, but it’s slowly getting there as more titles get added daily.

The platform also provides something Goodreads does not: a Did Not Finish button, turning not finishing a book into not such a big deal.


BookTrib is an interesting website as it establishes itself as a “Lifestyle Destination” for book lovers. The book cataloging platform provides news and allows its users to leave reviews. What sets it apart is the news aspect.

BookTrib offers various articles about pretty much everything book-related, and it goes pretty in-depth with what it covers. The platform also provides its members with a chance to do live chats with authors and even do book giveaways.

Book Browse

Book Browse markets itself as a magazine for book lovers and claims to be the people’s guide to exceptional books. It helps you find your next book and avoid being disappointed with it.

The platform is easy to use and has both free and premium content, which requires a subscription if you wish to access it. Hiding some of your best features behind a pay wall isn’t ideal, but it’s understandable. Book Browse offers access to book reviews and previews and even author interviews and reading guides.


LibraryThing offers “a home for your books” and even calls itself the Facebook for books. It houses well over two million book lovers and allows you to store and share book catalogs, along with other book metadata.

It’s not only used by book readers and writers, but also by libraries and publishers. It’s similar to Goodreads as it allows you to catalog various books from various sources and has a social aspect to it. Still, it differs because, besides books, you can also track movies on the platform. LibraryThing lets you catalog your movies and music too, and it’s completely free.


Libib takes it a step further than only cataloging books. It also supports movies, music, and video games. It offers a website and an app, and it allows you to create a collection and then share it.

As a member, you create a profile that’s searchable to other members, so they can find you and look at your collections. You can even message people, as Libib’s messaging system is reminiscent of Twitter posts and how the communication flows there.

You’re free to catalog as much as you want, with a cap of 100,000 items, though it’s doubtful that you’ll even come close to reaching it. Libib is one of the best media cataloging systems out there, if not the best.


If you have a blog, aNobii is the best place for you. The platform allows you to connect your blog to your profile after you register as a user. Other than that lovely perk, aNobii is pretty close to Goodreads in what it offers.

aNobii lets you create a book library that houses books you’ve read or wish to read. You can rate and organize books into categories, read and write reviews. The platform also lets you email contacts, invite your Facebook friends, or even upload your contact list. And, you can join groups and discussions and become a part of the community.

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Revish has been around since 2007. It allows you to share your reading experiences and thoughts by writing reviews for titles you’ve read. It lets you make a reading list, which you can then share with your friends, so they can see what you have your eye on. Apart from a reading list, you can also maintain a reading journal, which helps you know what you were reading at any given time.

The Revish platform also encourages you to participate in groups and discussions and even create them. The website provides you with its API and widgets that help you add your Revish content to your blog or website if that’s something you want to do. Its design is a bit outdated, but it still does the job.


Riffle is an excellent Goodreads alternative. Like Goodreads, Riffle lets you read and write reviews, as well as give ratings for what you’ve read. You can create shelves and lists and post questions if you have them. Its design is clean and fun, and the platform is easy to use.

Riffle has a strong focus on community and lets you make book recommendations. It states that it prefers people-made recommendations instead of computer algorithm chosen ones. It even has a feature that connects you to your local bookshop for title suggestions.

There’s More Out There Than Simply Goodreads

Goodreads is an excellent cataloging website. It helps you track your current reads, as well as everything you plan to consume in the future. Despite plenty of helpful features, the platform has a lot of shortcomings—issues that users have continuously raised (like the lack of a Did Not Finish button), but have never seen the light of day.

You may have had to put up with Goodreads a long time ago when there were no other options for cataloging your reading. But there are plenty of options today, so choose an alternative and move on.

Book library and reading
Goodreads vs. StoryGraph: Which Is the Best Book Platform?

Goodreads and StoryGraph are designed to help you track your reading and meet other book lovers. Which should you use?

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