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You Can Now Directly View Office Files in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge on both Windows and macOS now allows you to access Office files from within the browser.

View Office files in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft has been adding quite a lot of new features to Edge lately. Some of the newest additions are an Office Viewer and Windows Search integration. Using the former, you can open your Microsoft Office files within Edge. The latter helps find your Edge history right from the traditional Windows Search function.

Access Microsoft Office Files in Edge

According to a report by Windows Latest, Microsoft has added a few new features to Edge version 92. These new features include the ability to open your MS Office files within Edge and search your Edge browsing history from Windows Search.

These features are currently rolled out to Edge’s Dev channel; stable releases haven’t received these features, yet.

New Features in Microsoft Edge

These are some really useful features that Microsoft has added to Edge.

Office Viewer in Edge

With Office Viewer, you can throw any of your Microsoft Office files at Edge and Edge will open them for you. This way you can view your Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files right inside this browser.

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If you come across these files on the internet, you won’t have to download them anymore to be able to view them. Simply enable an option in Edge and Edge will let you preview those files instead of downloading them.

To enable this feature in Edge:

  1. Open Edge’s Settings menu and click Downloads.
  2. Turn on the Quickly view Office files on the web using Office Viewer option.

Edge is now integrated with Windows Search allowing you to find contents of this browser from your traditional search function. You can search your downloads, visited websites, and so on right from the main Windows Search panel.

This is an optional feature which means you can turn it on and off as you wish.

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To enable this option:

  1. Open Microsoft Edge on your computer and access the Settings menu.
  2. Click Profiles and toggle on the Share browsing data with other Windows features option.

Bear in mind that the reporting site mentions this feature doesn’t work at the time of writing. That’s something to know if you’re going to try out this new Edge feature.

Open Office Files Right Inside Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge has received quite a few new features lately. With the addition of the two features shown above, the browser becomes even more useful, especially for those who rely on other Windows features.

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