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The 7 Best Toggl Time-Tracking App Alternatives

Toggle is an easy-to-use app that is great for time-tracking but lacks features like invoicing, automatic payroll, and website tracking. Other apps on the market, like Hubstaff and Paymo, do a better job at filling in the gaps Toggl has created.

Check out the best Toggl alternatives, and see what makes them different, as well as how to use them.

1. TimeCamp

TimeCamp interface for time tracking

Easy to use and robust, TimeCamp is a great alternative to Toggl because of its long list of integrations you can make. You can sync up with tools like Asana, ClickUp, EverNote, GitHub, and Salesforce to make your workflow more efficient.

By using TimeCamp, you can track time for employees automatically, monitor specific app and website usage, track idle time, use screenshots to determine progress, and use keyword-based tracking.

You can use TimeCamp on any device. There are four different pricing plans available, including Free, Basic, Pro, and Enterprise. The basic plan is $7 a month, and the Pro is $10 a month.

For the Enterprise level, you’ll have to contact TimeCamp to get a quote. It comes with a dedicated server, cloud implementation, as well as personalized training.

Download: iOS | Android | Desktop

2. Paymo

Paymo app interface for time-tracking

What makes Paymo different from Toggl is that it keeps track of your budget across projects, as well as your time. Paymo can replace various apps that you are currently using for invoicing, time management, and reporting.

The actual time-tracking functions are fairly limited compared to other platforms. However, you do get access to task management features, timesheet reporting, team scheduling, invoicing, and integrations.

You can download the Paymo app on any device, including desktop and mobile. The pricing plans are split into Free, Small Office, or Business. Small Office is $11.95 a month while Business is $18.95 a month.

Download: iOS | Android | Desktop

3. RescueTime

RescueTime app on website

RescueTime promises to save you time by preventing distractions while it tracks your time. Other alternatives to RescueTime don’t have as much emphasis on getting rid of distractions while tracking your time.

The app can track specific websites and applications that you use to recognize where you waste too much time during the day. What’s even better, RescueTime also has the ability to block those sites, so you won’t be able to access them for a given period of time.

RescueTime is available on almost any desktop or mobile device. It even includes browser extensions for Chrome, Brave, and Firefox. There is a free trial offered for 14-days, but the Premium plan is $9 per month. The app does have a free plan with limited features available.

Download: iOS | Android | Desktop

4. Everhour

Everhour app interface for time tracking

The Everhour app is a well-rounded alternative to Toggl and provides extra features like invoicing and visual planning. With Everhour, you can track time, set budgets for projects, add time estimates and tasks, view your team’s schedule, track expenses, generate detailed reports, and create invoices.

The only downside to Everhour is that it’s only fully available on the desktop. There is currently a beta iOS app but no Android app at the moment. This makes it more practical for businesses that use a central office with provided computers.

There is only one plan available for Everhour, and the price depends on the number of users you need. It starts at a minimum of five users for $50 a month and goes up to $10 per user. They do include a free trial to use the service first before paying for a subscription.

Download: Desktop | iOS

5. Hubstaff

Hubstaff app interface on website

For businesses who need a flexible time-tracking solution, Hubstaff is the right tool for them. The number of features it provides is abundant for most industries.

With geofencing, not only can you track computer spending, but you can also track employee’s off-site times, such as those spent in construction/landscaping.

You can also take screenshots to track performance, track websites or applications used during working hours, as well as use automatic payroll for large teams.

You can use Hubstaff on any desktop or mobile device, and payment plans come in four options: Free, Basic, Pro, and Enterprise. Basic starts at $7, Pro at $10, and Enterprise at $20 per month.

Download: iOS | Android | Desktop

6. Time Doctor

Time Doctor app interface for time tracking

For an alternative to Toggl, Time Doctor includes the tool that takes screenshots of work and records websites as they are used.

Additionally, you can customize clients and projects, generate detailed reports, integrate with other tools, set up time-use alerts, and track breaks away from the computer.

By integrating Time Doctor with other time management tools, you will be able to make your workflow more efficient. By tracking your website usage, you will better understand how to manage your time.

You can get Time Doctor for Android, but most of the features are only available on desktop. There is no current app for the iOS platform.

Plans are split into 3 categories, including Basic, Standard, and Premium. It’s $7 for Basic, $10 for Standard, and $20 for Premium. Each plan only allows one user to start, but you can increase in increments of five for additional payment.

Download: Android | Desktop

7. Clockify

Clockify app interface

Unlike many other Toggl alternatives, Clockify has unique features that set it apart from others on the list. You can use the app on any device, including a desktop or mobile, and sync your data from anywhere in the world.

This app features a timesheet for entry tracking, a calendar to give you a bird’s eye view of your projects, detailed reports to make informed decisions, customized projects per budget, and team features for tracking income and departments.

There are five pricing tiers: Free, Basic, Standard, Pro, and Enterprise. The prices are shown per user, per month, and charges are billed annually.

Basic is $3.99, Standard is $5.49, Pro is $7.99, and Enterprise is $11.99. The Enterprise option requires contacting the sales team, and all others offer a free trial.

Download: iOS | Android | Desktop

What is the Best Toggl Alternative?

Although all the apps on the list are likely better than Toggl in some way, Hubstaff could be the best alternative.

It automates payroll options and utilizes geofencing for employees who cannot work near a computer. Compare Hubstaff with the other time-tracking apps available to see which is best for your business.

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