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How to Get Started on Artfol, “the Social Network for Artists”

Several attempts have been made to create an artist-friendly social media platform. Sites like DeviantArt, Amino, and ArtStation brought a lot of hope that a big one will emerge. However, they’re not suited to everyone and have their flaws.

If you’re an artist looking for a platform to share your work and connect with like-minded individuals, Artfol might be what you’re looking for instead.

Here’s what you need to know to get started on Artfol, even if you’re an absolute beginner with no prior experience.

What Is Artfol?

Artfol describes itself as “the social network for artists”. It’s a platform where people interested in art can connect with other creators. And beyond that, they can share their work and gain valuable feedback.

The platform has hidden likes from the public view, while also removing “complex algorithms”. Through both of these practices, the company has sought to create a community where users can share their art without worrying about numbers.

Unique Features of the Artfol App

Because Artfol is designed to be artist-friendly, the app is packed with unique features to reflect this. The most unique and interesting ones are listed below.

1. Challenges

Artfol gives you a chance to test your creativity by getting involved in community challenges. You can either start a challenge or participate in an existing one. You can also see other creators’ submissions in challenges you’re taking part in.

You can create a challenge by tapping on the Challenge button in the Option menu of the artwork upload page.

2. Asking for Critique

The Artfol app also has a dedicated feature where you can ask for critiques. You can also leave constructive feedback on other artists’ work to help them improve.

To ask for critique, click on the Ask for Critique button in the Option menu. This is in the photo upload interface. To prevent spam, Artfol restricts the number of Asking for Critique calls you can make in a day to one.

3. Customizable Galleries

Artists have full control over how their profile looks on Artfol. You can pin your favorite—or best performing—work to the top of your page, so that visitors will see it first.

This works in a similar way to pinned tweets on Twitter. Your other posts will begin once users scroll past your pinned artwork.

4. No Image Cropping

You no longer have to crop your artwork to fit a particular image resolution. You can post full-scale pictures of your content on Artfol, and even share long web comic pages at their highest resolution.

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How to Create an Artfol Account

To create an account, you’ll first need to download the Artfol app. You can find this on the App Store. If you’re an Android user, you can download the “early access” version on Google Play.

Download: Artfol for iOS ǀ Android (Free, in-app purchases available)

When you open the app, you’ll be greeted with a sign-in page. You then need to tap on Sign up below the Login button to make your account.

The sign-up process is simple and straightforward. There are two account types on Artfol: one for artists and another for non-artists.

A major difference between the two accounts is that you can only publish text posts with the non-artist account, while the artist account offers the full Artfol experience.

If you picked the wrong account type while signing up, no worries. You’ll have the chance to change this within the app.

Upon successfully signing in, you’ll be directed to your feed page. There are four buttons at the bottom of the page:

  • Home
  • Discover
  • Notification
  • Chats

The Discover page is where you can see and engage with content from other artists on Artfol. The Home, Notification, and Chats tabs work like they do on other social media platforms.

You’ll find the account management tool in the top right-hand corner of the homepage.

Connecting With Fellow Artists on Artfol

The Artfol app provides several ways to find and connect with fellow creators, whether you follow them or not. It works somewhat like a combination of some of the other big social networks. You can browse a mixture of questions, text posts, and images.

Artfol’s Discover page works much like the Explore page on Instagram. Trending art from across the platform is displayed there. You can also interact with posts, and find artists to follow, from this page.

You can filter posts on the Discover page to see content from artists within a particular category. You can also connect via the Community page.

The Community page works in a similar way to Discover, but it only displays text posts.

Because the app does not yet have a group chat feature, many use Community to talk and ask questions.

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Downsides of Joining Artfol

Image Credit: Artfol

Artfol is one the hottest social media platforms for artists on the market. However, there are still a few cons related to joining.

For the time being, there’s no account deletion option. Opening an Artfol account means your profile will remain active on the platform, whether or not you decide to stick with it.

As such, the only way you can take a break from the platform is by deleting the app from your phone. For some users, they might find this particularly annoying.

If you’re concerned about your profile sitting idle, you might want to hold out on signing up until a deletion option is added.

The platform also seems to be leaning more towards the digital portraits and character design categories. If these art forms do not excite you, you might find it hard to find posts related to your favorite sub-genre.

Now It’s Time to Create Your Artfol Account

Connecting with artists is fun on Artfol due to its artist-centered design and features. You can follow, interact and, gain inspiration from other artists.

Plus, your artworks finally have a fair chance to be seen by other users as there’s no algorithm to dictate which artworks get seen.

If the absence of an account deletion option or the app’s seeming leaning towards digital portraits and anime don’t bother you much, feel free to hop on the trend and join the growing number of creatives on Artfol.

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