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Amazon Luna Adds a 720p Streaming Option to Improve Stability

Early access Luna customers have requested a downgraded streaming option… but why?

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In the latest update to its online cloud gaming platform, Amazon has introduced a downgraded display option, allowing early access users to enjoy games if full 720p…

Amazon Luna Gets 720p Output Option

If you’ve got early access to Amazon Luna, then you may have noticed some changes to the display options in Luna’s settings menu.

This is because Amazon has introduced 720p gaming to Luna. So, rather than playing in 4K, or even 1080p, gamers can now stream games in a lower resolution.

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Streaming cloud-based games in lower resolutions has several effects elsewhere in the Luna ecosystem, making the experience better for everyone.

If you want to try it out for yourself, you can. However, you can only do so if you apply for early access to Amazon Luna. The platform hasn’t reached general release stage, yet.

Why Does Luna Need a 720p Resolution Output?

Amazon Luna is still in early access mode, so at this stage, Amazon is taking feedback from its customers to improve the service. In an Amazon Luna blog post, the platform’s developers say:

Since Luna launched into early access, we’ve regularly heard from customers on what they’re enjoying as well as areas where we can improve their experience. One of the most requested features is the ability to play at lower resolutions to match unique internet connection speeds and bandwidth demands.

So, it would seem that customers with less powerful internet connections have asked Luna to improve performance, by offering lower definition output in order to free up bandwidth. This then allows the games themselves to run smoother, albeit at the expense of display size and resolution.

What Does the New 720p Resolution Mean for Luna?

Amazon has added the 720p option to Luna. It says this allows:

… decreased bandwidth and data usage by streaming at a lower resolution. With this setting, customers that have data cap limitations from their internet service providers can play at a lower resolution without sacrificing gameplay performance.

This is an excellent move from Amazon. It has realized that some of its users may have limitations in place out of their (or Amazon’s) control, such as download limits on data.

As a 4K game is more data intensive than a 720p game, this makes perfect sense for Amazon Luna users with such restrictions. Taking this into account means that Amazon Luna can probably look forward to plenty of gamers joining its ranks on public launch.

Will You Subscribe to Amazon Luna?


It may well be a good move, if you do. We already know from early access that Amazon Luna is shaping up to be an exciting platform.

With rival Google’s cloud gaming service slowly on the decline, Amazon has stepped in to fill the ever increasing Stadia-sized gap in the cloud gaming market. Listening to its user base is something that Amazon is clearly doing a better job of.

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