The Secrets we Keep


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If anyone had told Sadie she’d be homeless and living out of her car at age twenty-five, she’d have laughed in their faces. She’d have laughed even harder if she’d been told her new, uptight, beauty parlour boss, Victoria, would steal her heart and stamp all over it. Because Sadie’s way smarter than that.

The saying “You don’t know what you have until it’s gone” has become Victoria’s motto ever since Sadie stumbled into her ordered world. Victoria just needs a cleaner. But apparently Sadie has other talents—the sort that can crack open Victoria’s heart and shatter her equilibrium.

No, Sadie and her chaotic charms absolutely will not do. Victoria’s strict no-workplace relationship rules exist for a reason.

But what if Victoria can’t live without her? Is it too late to win back the intoxicating young woman?

An age-gap, rich-girl/poor-girl lesbian romance that embraces the big, crazy, complicated mess of fixing two broken hearts that belong together.


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