Ikea and Sonos Tease Wall-Mounted Speaker Artwork


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The new smart speaker masquerades as a regular wall print.

Framed Ikea

Ikea has teased a new Sonos-equipped product as part of a wave of updates to its Symfonisk line. The changes, according to The Verge, include a redesign of the Symfonisk table lamp speaker, and minor changes to the bookshelf speaker as well as the unannounced new product.

Soon Your Art Will Sing to You

Details are scarce, but The Verge claims to have seen early images of a new wall-mounted artwork speaker with the codename “Titan.” At first glance, the new speaker would likely look like any other artwork available from Ikea, with the speaker hidden behind the canvas. There are currently no details on whether you’ll be able to switch out the piece of art covering the speaker, how large the new product will be, or any kind of pricing.

Ikea Symfonisk

Ikea is also planning on reworking its Sonos-equipped Symfonisk table lamp, though the product filing on the FCC website doesn’t give away much. The only other public signs that something new is coming from Sonos and Ikea is a now expired story on the Sonos Instagram account featuring a stylized waveform and the words “Looks Like Symfonisk” along with the two company logos.

Ikea Double Down on Smart Furnishings

When Ikea first launched furniture with built-in tech, many saw it as a fad reserved for geeks and those willing to throw money at gaudy, faux modern ephemera. Those opinions did not age well. In a time when people question the pros and cons of fitting children with fitness trackers and see smart tech being crammed into every device they own, Ikea’s hyper-modern furniture seems homely by comparison.

It could be claimed that mainstream adoption of smart home tech happened so quickly that no one even remembers how maligned it was when it first appeared. Or that Ikea was one of the few non-tech companies ahead of that curve. The idea of audio equipment that blends into the home is not new, and smart furniture seems closer to the Hi-Fi coffee tables of the 1970s than the RGB LED-lit rooms usually associated with smart home aesthetics.

Hot takes aside, Ikea and Sonos devices are undeniably reasonably priced. The Symfonisk bookshelf is the cheapest Sonos-equipped device available by quite a margin, a good $70 cheaper than the new Sonos Roam entry-level speaker.

Whether the new codename Titan product will continue the budget-friendly tradition remains to be seen, but if The Verge is right, we’ll find out at some point this year.

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