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Our Top 5 Best Really Useful Tech Tips and Explainers

We collect our best tips and explainers from the most popular editions of the Really Useful Podcast.

Collaborate over Skype

To celebrate 30 months since the launch of the Really Useful Podcast, we bring you a collection of the top five  best tips from our most popular episodes.

As such, Christian Cawley is joined by various members of the Really Useful Podcast team to cover diverse topics such as Windows keyboard shortcuts, problems with Skype, old PC games, Microsoft Office alternatives, and a what is Raspberry Pi.


We talk about so many things this week, but the following links will help you find the key resources.

Christian Cawley hosts this week’s show, with contributions from Ben Stegner, Gavin Philips, James Frew, and Ian Buckley.

Look out for our other shows—subscribe to the Really Useful Podcast on iTunes and YouTube (be sure to hit the bell icon to be notified of new episodes) for more tips.

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