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Google Accidentally Leaks the Pixel Buds A in an Email

It was very easy to miss, but the evidence for the existence of the Pixel Buds A just got a lot stronger.

Google Pixel Buds

Companies ideally want to keep their secrets locked up until announcement day, but sometimes leaks occur, and product images slip out to the public too early. Unfortunately, even Google isn’t immune to leaks, as proven by the recent slip of the new Pixel Buds A.

Google’s Accidental Slip With the Pixel Buds A

9to5Google first spotted this mistake in an email Google sent out to Nest newsletter subscribers.

The email was innocent enough, giving Google Nest owners a rundown of what they can expect from the service in the future. The email also contained a link to the Google Store, which sells devices compatible with the Nest.

In the Google Store advertisement, the tech giant showed off images of a Pixel phone, a Nest device, and some Pixel Buds as examples of how to expand your range. The images were so inconspicuous that most readers would likely have glossed over them, but some eagle-eyed users spotted that the image used for the Pixel Buds showed a product that isn’t actually for sale yet.

For example, the dark green color of these mysterious buds stretched to the charging case, which is something the current lineup of Pixel Buds doesn’t have. The shade of green was also a lot darker than the minty colors that the current models use.

Not only that, but the location of the charging indicator looked different from the regular Pixel Bud range. So, if these earbuds are a different model from what we can buy, what exactly are they?

As it turns out, we already have a solid idea as to what these mystery buds are. They’re likely the Pixel Buds A, which were recently rumored to release in June 2021.

The image leaked in the email matches our previous report on the topic (emphasis ours):

The white color will feature an all-white case and buds, unlike the white Pixel Buds, which features black plastic ear tips, wings, and case interior. As for the green Pixel Buds A, it will use a darker tone of green, unlike the mint-ish color of the 2020 Pixel Buds.

As such, if you’re keen to check out the Pixel Buds A, keep your eyes on Google as an announcement is surely around the corner now.

When Will the Pixel Buds A Finally Bloom?

While the tiny image that appeared in a recent Google Nest email doesn’t say a lot about the Pixel Buds A, it shows us that something is coming down the pipeline soon. The only question is, when will the announcement arrive?

If this is the first time you’ve heard of the Pixel Buds, now is a great time to get yourself acquainted with the range of earphones. The Pixel Bud range has a solid reputation, with Google constantly adding new features to them over time.

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