Grand Theft Auto V returns to Xbox Game Pass, leading April’s additions


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Microsoft has revealed a new slate of games headed to Xbox Game Pass in the first half of the month, and there’s a big name leading the charge. April’s Game Pass additions will be led by Grand Theft Auto V, which is making a grand return to Xbox Game Pass this week. Aside from Grand Theft Auto V, it’s going to be a fairly quiet April for the service – or at least it will be until we get into the latter half of the month.

Grand Theft Auto V will be returning to Xbox Game Pass on April 8th, which is this Thursday. GTA V is only joining the console and cloud iterations of Xbox Game Pass, so PC players will have to sit this one out for now. On April 8th, GTA V will be joined by Zombie Army 4: Dead War (cloud, console, and PC), Disneyland Adventures (cloud), and Rush: A Disney/Pixar Adventure (cloud).

On April 12th, we’ll see NHL 21 join the console version of Xbox Game Pass via EA Play, then on April 15th, we’ve got the releases of Rain on Your Parade (cloud, console, and PC) and Pathway (PC). That does it for the first two weeks in April, so after a couple of big months for Xbox Game Pass, it seems that things are slowing down a little bit this month.

They’ll pick up again later in the month, as we’ll see MLB The Show 21 come to Xbox Game Pass the same day it releases: April 20th. This is a huge deal for Xbox Game Pass, because MLB The Show 21 is developed by Sony’s first-party San Diego Studio. This is the first time the MLB The Show franchise has gone multiplatform, and it’s the first time we’ve seen a first-party Sony game come to Xbox Game Pass.

As always, there are a number of titles leaving Xbox Game Pass soon as well. On April 15th, Deliver Us the Moon, Gato Roboto, and Wargroove will all be leaving the console and PC versions of Xbox Game Pass. The console version of EA Play will also see a lot of departing games, as Madden 15, Madden 16, Madden 17, Madden 18, Madden 25, NHL 18, and NHL 19 will all be leaving on April 16th. If you’re currently playing any of those titles, be sure to finish up with them before they disappear from the service.

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