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eBay Is Making It Easier to Sell Your Trading Cards

If you’re looking to sell your old Pokémon cards, you’ll soon be able to list your cards by simply scanning them.

eBay trading cards

eBay is rolling out a new feature that will streamline the listing process for trading cards. So, if you want to make a profit off of your vintage Pokémon or sports cards, now you’ll be able to list your collectibles with half the hassle.

Scan and List Your Trading Cards in Seconds

In a press release posted on PR Newswire, eBay announced an image listing feature that will let sellers “create a listing in half the time.”

The feature, which will be available in late April, will allow users to scan their trading cards using the eBay app for Android and iOS. The eBay app will use image recognition technology to identify the card, and automatically fill in the essential details for the listing.

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Upon release, the card-scanning technology will only recognize Magic the Gathering cards. It won’t be until May when the feature will start supporting Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. Sports card sellers and other card game collectors will have to wait even longer, as eBay says the tool will support these “later this year.”

“Among our 185 million shoppers around the world we’ve seen unparalleled demand for trading cards over the past year, with four million more sold than the year prior,” said Nicole Colombo, the Head of Trading Cards and Collectibles at eBay.

“Our new listing feature will not only create a faster and more convenient experience for our sellers, but will also provide more robust trading card inventory for shoppers—all while ensuring that the information in card listings is more accurate.” In other words, it’s a win-win for both sellers and collectors.

How to Use the Image Listing Feature

eBay card scanning process
Image Credit: eBay

eBay outlined how to use the upcoming feature in the press release, and it looks just as simple as it sounds:

  1. First, open the eBay app on your iOS or Android device.
  2. Begin typing in the trading card game name (i.e., Pokémon) in the app’s search bar.
  3. Aim your phone’s camera at the card you want to sell, and hold it there until a list of potential matches pops up on your screen. eBay will identify the game name, card title, set, number, rarity, and power of each match.
  4. Select the matching card from the list, and eBay will automatically fill in the details of that card.
  5. After that, you can proceed to add your own image of the card, a price, shipping costs, and tweak any prepopulated details.

The TCG Market Is Booming on eBay

eBay noted that an average of 119 trading cards are listed on eBay every minute, and over 42 million trading card listings were created just last year. As the TCG market continues to boom, eBay is making the right decision to accommodate this growing market.

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