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Microsoft Teams Will Soon Let You Join Meetings Without a Link

You’ll no longer need to hunt for meeting links in your inbox as Teams will let you join meetings using digital codes.

Join Teams meetings without a link

There are many ways to join a meeting on Microsoft Teams but none lets you join with a digital code. However, that’s going to change very soon as the company will let you attend meetings in Teams using invite codes—something you’ve been using in Zoom and other similar apps.

Join Meetings in Microsoft Teams Using a Meeting ID

According to a report by Petri, Microsoft is planning to add a feature to Teams to let you attend online meetings using a digital code. When this happens, you won’t have to go hunting for meeting links in your inbox and other folders.

The feature hasn’t been rolled out yet but you’ll see it in your Teams by the end of May 2021, according to that report.

Ways to Join a Meeting in Microsoft Teams

Currently, there are several ways to join a meeting in Microsoft Teams. You can either click a link in your meeting email, find and click the meeting in your calendar, or even call the Teams’ phone numbers to attend a meeting from your phone.

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As you can notice, there’s currently no way you can input an ID or something to join a meeting.

How to Join a Meeting in Microsoft Teams With a Code

Once this feature rolls out, you’ll see an invite code in your meeting emails. You’ll be able to use this 13 digit code to enter your meetings. The code should work across all versions of the Teams app, including the web version.

If you use the Teams desktop version, you need to click the option for attending an online meeting in your app and you’ll be promoted to enter the meeting code.

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Upon entering the correct code, you’ll be allowed inside the meeting.

When your meeting is scheduled far in the future, it becomes difficult to find that meeting’s email in your inbox when the actual time for the meeting arrives. With the introduction of meeting codes, that problem is now resolved.

You now just need to ask the meeting organizer for a 13 digit code, and that’s all you need to attend your meetings in Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams has many features to make your tasks easier to do, and make sure you learn everything this app has to offer to make the most of it.

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