Facebook Expands Its Gaming Partnership Program to 15 More Countries


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The tools and resources provided as a part of this partnership will help you monetize your streaming page.

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Facebook is expanding the Facebook Gaming Partnership Program to 15 more countries, including Canada, Brazil, New Zealand, and more. The partnership program will allow game streamers to enjoy additional support, gain early access invites, and pave the way towards monetizing their streams.

Facebook Gaming Partnership Comes to 15 More Countries

To be eligible to apply for Facebook Gaming Partner, you must already be a Level Up program member. The latter basically requires you to be a part of Facebook Gaming and regularly stream valuable content to your community.

There are some other Level Up requirements, including having a minimum of 100 followers, being active for at least 30 days, and more. If you meet all the eligibility requirements, you should see an application module to apply for becoming a partner over at Facebook creator studio.

Facebook is testing the partnership application in the following countries: United States, Mexico, Australia, The Philippines, Great Britain, Brazil, Peru, Jordan, Morocco, Egypt, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Canada, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, India, and New Zealand.

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Facebook promises to expand further the list of countries where the Facebook Gaming Partnership is available over time.

Benefits of Facebook Gaming Partnership

Once you become a Facebook Gaming Partner, you will gain access to exclusive new streaming features and tools to help you grow your page further. You will also get a direct support line to the Facebook Gaming Support team, a private Facebook group where you can interact with gaming partners and engineering teams, and more.

For monetization, Facebook allows partners to apply to Star, Face Subscriptions, and Live in-stream ads. With these tools and resources, Facebook hopes that you will be able to turn live streaming into a career and further grow your community.

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