Snap Is Exploring AR Spectacles and a Selfie-Snapping Drone


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The AR-supported Spectacles may be able to apply lenses and filters to your surroundings.

Snap Spectacles

Spectacles, the name for the smartglasses created by Snap, is about to get a major upgrade. Snap is reportedly working on a pair of Spectacles that support augmented reality (AR), but there’s a catch: it won’t immediately be available to consumers.

A New Reality Awaits

In a report by The Information, two sources came forward to leak essentials details about Snap’s upcoming AR-sporting Spectacles. The only downside is that the public won’t be able to get their hands on it right away—it will only be made available to developers and creators upon launch.

According to The Information, the new Spectacles will give wearers the ability to apply AR effects to the environment around them. Snap is hoping that the creators behind Snapchat’s many filters and lenses will hop on board to make Spectacles-specific experiences.

This opens up an endless realm of possibilities, potentially letting wearers apply filters to the people around them, or even make use of animations in real-life situations.

Snap first released Spectacles in 2016, and has since been continuously pushing out upgrades for the product. The newest model, the Spectacles 3, sits at a price of $380, but doesn’t come with AR integration. The smartglasses simply serve as a stylish pair of sunglasses that also doubles as a camera.

Snap has plenty of tough competition in this field, as Facebook and Apple vie for the top spot in the AR wearable market. Even Niantic, the developer behind Pokémon Go, is getting into AR glasses.

Let’s Not Forget the Selfie Drone

The sources cited in The Information also hinted at the potential for a Snap-made selfie drone. There aren’t many details about this device just yet, but it would be an interesting concept. It would likely be most useful for content creators, as they can surely take advantage of a drone that tracks their movements.

The report states that the team behind the drone is known as the “Snap Lab,” and the project has been in the works for several years.

Looking Through Rose-Colored Spectacles

AR Spectacles is definitely a fun concept, but unfortunately for Snap, it isn’t the only one that’s headed for release. Snap will have to compete with some of the biggest names in tech, and will need to give its glasses a twist if it wants to succeed.

Although Snap hasn’t confirmed or denied the existence of AR-supported Spectacles just yet, sources say that Snap will unveil the brand new Spectacles at its yearly developer conference. We’ll likely get more details about the upcoming release then.

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