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FSWP in Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program | Guide| best tips 2021

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FSWP in Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program – Get chance to PR in Canada

About FSWP

FSWP in Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program : Are you planning to immigrate to Canada? Do you dream of living in Canada? Are you an immigrant wishing to be a permanent resident of Canada? Are you planning to obtain citizenship in Canada?

Language proficiency, profession, IELTS score, qualifications, international work experience, FSWP in Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program , sponsorship etc. will be helpful in fulfilling your dreams of immigration to Canada with FSWP.

Read on to find out more.

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FSWP in Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program
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The Federal Skilled Worker Program is one of the three programs of the Canadian government within the Express Entry Program to be a permanent resident of Canada.

Express Entry has 3 programs, and with any of them immigrants can apply for FSWP in Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program. For Canadian immigration, the government of Canada selects qualified newcomers based on many factors through these programs. Details of one such program, the Federal Skilled Worker Program, are discussed here.

Can I apply for the FSWP in Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program ?

Can I Apply for FSWP?

There are 3 main criteria that you must meet in FSWP in Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program . If you meet the specified criteria, you can apply for this program to move to Canada. these are :

  1. Skilled work experience
    Under this, the different occupations are divided into types of skills. If you have worked in any of these occupations and received wages or income for it, then you meet these criteria.

The three types of skills are:

  • Skill Type 0 or Administrative Profession.
  • Skill Type A or Professional Job
  • Skill Type B, Technical or Business Skills.

The profession you wish to practice in Canada must match the type of skill you mention on the application.

Under this criterion, unpaid internships and volunteer work experience will not be considered.

If you are a student, you may also be an eligible candidate for this program. But the requirements for immigration to Canada differ in that you must have a job that paid income or commission, there must be no gaps in your work, and you must also meet the other two criteria to move to Canada

  1. Language skills.
    To fulfill these criteria, you must have taken accredited exams in either English or French. These tests should indicate that you can read, write, speak and comprehend, whether French or English.

You should score a minimum of 7 in all of the above four areas of language (reading, writing, listening and speaking) on ​​the Canadian Language Test.

The program dictates that the language test is valid for up to two years from the day the test is taken. You must ensure that your scores are valid on the day you apply for this program.

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  1. The level of education.
    For any international student to meet the criteria for immigration to Canada, you must have completed a level of education, either school-wide or have obtained a degree. You must also submit an ECA or Educational Standards Assessment, which shows that your level of education is on par with or equivalent to high school or post-secondary education in Canada.

If you have passed the education system in Canada, you must provide proof of this in the form of a certificate from the school for secondary education or a degree / diploma for post-secondary education.

How do I apply for Canadian permanent residency?

If you meet all of the previously mentioned criteria, then you are eligible for this program. Congratulations! Here’s how you can apply for this program to obtain permanent residency in Canada.

  1. Documentation
    Since you are eligible to apply for this program, gather all your documents to prove it. Apart from that, you must also have documents to prove your financial ability to take care of yourself and your family if you are allowed to live in Canada.

You also must be legally able to work in the country and have a job offer from an employer in Canada. Proof of this is required.

Apart from these, birth certificate, marriage certificate, adoption certificate and medical examination results are also required.

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  1. Fill out the form
    Your application for permanent residency is filled out on the Express Entry Profile available online. You can get help from immigration counselors to do the same. There are many factors that are considered when selecting a candidate and multiple rounds.

You may also choose to apply under the Provincial Nominee Program while filling in your Express Entry profile. You have the option to choose any of the Canadian provinces / provinces such as Alberta, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Saskatchewan, etc.

Express Entry has a comprehensive classification system, once it is identified within Express Entry, you will receive a Call for Application (ITA). After getting the ITA, collect the supporting documents and apply for a visa.

To understand the selection factors, keep reading.

Selection factors for the Federal Skilled Worker Program

The program contains not one but six selection factors according to which it examines every candidate. The program has a point system to rank each candidate against these six factors. To make the cut, the candidate must score 67 or higher in this point system. Below we have also mentioned what the weight of each factor in 100 is. The six factors are:

FSWP in Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program Image©:
  1. Language skills
    She has a total of 28 points. As mentioned above, you will earn points based on your ability to read, write, comprehend, and speak French or English.

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Also, your language test results must be valid at the time of application and you must have scored at least 7 in all of the above four areas of the language.

  1. Education
    This factor has a total of 25 awardable points. As discussed earlier in this article for international students, they must have a secondary or post-secondary level of education according to Canadian standards and have evidence of this.
  2. Work experience
    This zone has a maximum of 15 points. Foreign workers must observe the gold number 1560, which is the number of hours they must work in a year. The type of skill you will work with, in Canada, must match the type of skill you mentioned in your application.

Points are allocated based on years of work in Skill Type 0, A or B.

  1. Age
    You can get a maximum of 12 points for this factor. On the day your application is received for consideration, this age is taken into account when assigning points.
  2. A job offer in Canada
    Under this factor, foreigners can get a maximum of 10 points. A job offer from an employer in Canada prior to the commencement of your application makes you eligible to receive these points.

A job offer that is valid in Canada must be for at least one year, give you income and must fall under skill type 0, A, or B. The job offered may be able to obtain a license or certification for itself in the country.

  1. Adaptability
    Your adaptation can get a maximum of 10 points. The program has expertly designed some of the resilience factors that help them determine how well you and your family can settle and become a socio-economic part of life as a Canadian.

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There are many tools you can access online to assess your score on the six-factor choice test. A score of 67 or higher is essential, but if it doesn’t work, don’t worry. The program allows you to improve your score. You can reapply after completing a higher level of education, improving your language test scores, or after receiving a job offer from an employer residing in Canada.

Also, FSWP is one of three programs within Express Entry. If this is not the program for you, check out the other programs available to you by the Canadian government, the Federal Skilled Class (FSTC), and the Canadian Experience Class (CEC).

Remember, once you become a permanent resident of Canada this makes you eligible to apply for citizenship.

Our registered RCIC team are the best qualified Canadian visa and immigration experts who can guide you through the whole process of obtaining a permanent residence visa in Canada.

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