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Japan electronic visa PR in Japan visa requirement 2021 Best tips

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Japan electronic visa PR in Japan visa requirement Guide

How to Apply PR for Japan ?

In the event that you mean to remain in Japan for an all-inclusive timeframe, you may consider applying for a perpetual home visa.

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Japan electronic visa PR in Japan visa requirement
Japan electronic visa PR in Japan visa requirement

The advantages of the permanent residence visa are:

  • There are no restrictions on the type of activities you can participate in
  • No more visa renewals, permanent residence visa is valid for life (although it is still necessary to renew a residence card and re-entry permit if you will be staying outside Japan for more than one year)
  • Easier to get loans from Japanese banks

One of the potential downsides of a permanent residence visa may be the tax implications for some.

In general, in Japan, the scope of income taxes is determined by the number of years a person has resided in Japan, and it is not related to a specific type of visa (in other words, changing to a permanent residence visa is not straightforward. Changing the tax classification that falls under it).

However, as the length of your stay in Japan increases, you will be required to pay income tax not only on your income in Japan, but also on your income worldwide.

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( For example, permanent residents, spouse, etc. of Japanese visa, etc.) who have resided in Japan for a certain period of time when they permanently leave Japan.

It is therefore advisable to consult a tax accountant beforehand if you have a large amount of outside income or financial assets that may have tax implications.

Japan electronic visa PR in Japan visa requirement Satisfaction

The requirements that you need to fulfill to apply for a permanent residence visa are:

  • Good behavior (no criminal records or trafficking offenses, paying taxes …)
  • Possessing adequate assets or ability to earn an independent living (stable job, adequate savings …)
  • Fulfill all requirements to maintain current visa status (maintaining a suitable job in the case of a work visa holder, and maintaining a stable marriage in case of a spoues visa holder for example)
  • 10 years of consecutive stay in Japan, which must include 5 years of residence under a work visa or those granted according to marital status (wife of a Japanese citizen, long-term resident …)
  • It currently has the longest period of stay (3 years in most cases)
  • After paying taxes and contributions to the official Japanese social security system during the required period and adhering to the payment deadline at all times
  • After submitting all required notifications (change of employer, change of company address, etc.) to the Immigration Office
  • Having a guarantor (Japanese citizen or permanent resident visa holder) to support the application
  • Physical stay in Japan for more than 6 months in total in the 12-month period before and during the application process

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The requirement of consecutive residency is shortened for 10 years in the following cases:

  • Spouses of Japanese citizens and permanent residents who have been married for more than 3 years and have lived more than one year in a row in Japan
  • Children of Japanese citizens and permanent residents who have lived more than one year in a row in Japan
  • A holder of a long-stay visa or refugee status after having lived for more than 5 consecutive years in Japan
  • Applicants who scored 70 points in this point calculation table at the time of application submission and at all times during the last 3 years of residency prior to application submission.
  • Applicants who obtained 80 points in the aforementioned table during the last year of residency prior to application submission
  • More than 5 years of consecutive residency in Japan for those who have been recognized for their significant contribution to Japan in the diplomatic, social, economic and cultural fields.

It is necessary to submit resident tax certificates (kazei / nozei shomeisho to be obtained from the local city council / ward office) for the number of years required.

This means that if your income is low (due to unemployment etc.) in any year of the required period, the application will likely be rejected.

These days the Immigration Office also tends to require proof that you are registered with the Japanese health insurance system, the failure of which also leads to an unsuccessful application.

Physically staying in Japan for more than 6 months in total is required within the 12 months prior to submitting the permanent residence visa application and also while the application is being processed.

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Processing of your permanent residence application can take a long time (generally 4 to 8 months) and you will still need to renew your current visa if it is to expire before your permanent residence application is approved.

The role of guarantor for Japan electronic visa PR in Japan visa requirement

To be able to apply for a permanent residence visa, it is necessary to find a Japanese guarantor or permanent resident visa holder (in the case of non-Japanese) who is willing to sign a letter of assurance (English form here, Japanese form here).

The permanent residence application sponsor has only an ethical obligation and there is no legal obligation. Therefore, the guarantor will not be legally responsible for any of the applicant’s actions or fees.

Japan electronic visa PR in Japan visa requirement

Japan electronic visa PR in Japan visa requirement

The guarantor is required to present the following documents:

  • Letter of Assurance filled and marked (English form here, Japanese form here).
  • Residence Certificate (juminhyo) issued by Wing Office / City Hall within 3 months
  • Resident Tax Certificates (Judge Shumeshu and Nozi Shomishu) issued by the Wing / City Council Office
  • Employment certificate (zaishoku-shomeisho) issued by the current employer of the guarantor, or any other proof of the job

How to apply Japan electronic visa PR in Japan visa requirement Without a guarantor / guarantor ?

Japan electronic visa PR in Japan visa requirement 2021 Tips – On the off chance that you don’t have a support/backer for your outing to Japan, you should demonstrate to the Japanese Diplomat that you can bear the cost of the costs for your outing. You need to present the accompanying Japan visa necessities.

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1- Bank certificate – the bank certificate must be issued within the last three months. You can include the receipt if you want. Now if you ask me how much should be in your bank account. I don’t have a specific idea but check out my suggestion on the frequently asked questions below.

  1. Income Tax Return of the Applicant (Form 2316) – Submit a clear copy of the last income tax return (Form 2316).

A job or stable work in the Philippines is very important as it indicates that you have strong ties in the Philippines and you will return to the Philippines because you have a job or stable business here. How do you prove that? You need to provide proof of income, and ITR (Form 2316) is one proof. It also means that you pay your taxes correctly. You don’t want the consul to believe that you are a tax evasion citizen.


If you have a job but do not have an ITR, for example your newcomer in your job or business, or you are self-employed and are taxed in another country, etc., you can write a cover letter explaining why you can ‘submit the specified document and attach Another proof of income.

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For example, if you work as a piece-worker, speak to the employer and ask them to send you an employer certificate explaining what they do for their company. Then attach copies of your income receipts or payments. But again, as a freelancer, you still have to pay your taxes in the Philippines.

If you are a new business owner and don’t have an ITR yet, you can write a cover letter and explain your position. Attach a copy of your Business Registration issued by DTI / SEC, if you have BIR receipts include clear copy of that.

What if I am unemployed, a minor or a student?

Then, I suggest you apply for a Japan visa with a sponsor / sponsor, who can provide ITR or proof of income. Review Japan visa requirements with the sponsor / guarantor below.

If you are a student, send a certificate of enrollment along with the Japan visa requirements with the sponsor / guarantor below.

If you fall under this preferential treatment, we will be happy to assist you in applying for a highly skilled professional visa.

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