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What Happens If You Reject WhatsApp’s New Terms of Service?

WhatsApp delayed its new terms of service, but hasn’t backed down. So what happens if you don’t accept by the deadline?

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While WhatsApp has extended the deadline for its new privacy policy and terms of service, it will still require users to accept the terms to keep using the messaging app.

So, what happens if you don’t accept by the deadline in May? Your account WON’T be deleted if you don’t accept. At least not yet. But here’s what will happen…

Will WhatsApp Delete Your Account If You Don’t Accept the Terms?

WhatsApp has extended the start date of the new terms of service until May 15, 2021. All users have the extension (and some time beyond that) to review these changes at their discretion.

When the announcement was first made, users were told to accept the changes or face their account being suspended or deleted. That messaging has since changed, as users who do not accept the changes will not have their accounts immediately deleted. However, you will lose access to the full functionality of the app.

If you do not accept the terms by May 15, you will still be able to receive calls and notifications for some time. But you won’t be able to send or receive messages on WhatsApp.

This mostly renders the app useless in terms of messaging. It basically just gives you additional time to accept the new privacy policy.

WhatsApp notes that: “You can still accept the updates after May 15th. Our policy related to inactive users will apply.”

It seems that WhatsApp plans to treat these accounts as inactive. Generally, if an account is inactive for 120 days, it is deleted. So account deletion will likely be the eventual result of not accepting the terms.

Can You Opt Out of the New WhatsApp Privacy Policy?

There is no option to opt out of the new terms of service.

WhatsApp essentially gives you two options:

  • Accept the changes by the effective date.
  • Lose full functionality of the app.

Your access to the full app will only be restored if you accept the new terms.

WhatsApp also notes that users can export their chat history to their device and download an account report before May 15. If you plan to transfer your WhatsApp chats to Telegram, we recommend doing this before the deadline.

WhatsApp’s New Terms Aren’t Optional

Simply put, while WhatsApp has delayed its new terms of service; it hasn’t made them optional.

The company will not be immediately deleting the accounts of those who do not accept the new terms of service. However, full functionality will be lost, and inactivity will result in account deletion.

So, now that you know what’s going to happen if you reject WhatsApp’s new terms of service, it’s up to you to decide whether you’re happy to accept them after all.

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