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Spotify to Rapidly Scale and Launch in 85 Countries

It means that Spotify will be available to over one billion people worldwide.

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Spotify is planning world domination. The company has announced that it plans to expand in to 85 new markets and add 36 languages to the streaming service.

It’s the single biggest expansion in the company’s history and will bring Spotify to more than one billion people.

Where Will Spotify Be Launching?

As announced on For the Record, Spotify will be reaching more countries across Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, Europe, and Latin America.

Key countries include Nigeria, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Ghana.

The expansion covers 85 countries and will also add support for 36 new languages and specialized payment platforms to Spotify.

“Some of the places we’re going like Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nigeria have the fastest growing internet populations in the world,” said Spotify spokesperson Alex Norstrom.

This means that Spotify will be available in over 170 markets, with a potential market size of over one billion people.

In each market, Spotify will work with local creators and partners to deliver a unique and tailored experience. For example, it will accelerate the discovery of more genres like K-Pop and reggaeton.

Over time, Spotify plans to bring the same membership plans, user experience, catalog, and platform support to these new markets as it does elsewhere.

Spotify will be hoping this expansion matches its earlier success in countries like India and Russia.

Spotify Launches in Russia and 12 Other Countries

Spotify is now available in Russia and 12 other countries in Eastern Europe. New users can listen for free or pay for Premium.

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