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Microsoft Is Hosting an AI and Gaming Research Summit Starting Today

It’s two days of talks on the future of AI-tech and game development.

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Microsoft is hosting a two-day virtual AI and Gaming Research Summit, featuring heaps of speakers integral to the ongoing development of video games and AI integration.

The summit begins early on Tuesday, 23 February, and ends after lunch on 24 February. In that short period, there are 14 different events you can digitally attend, covering topics such as AI agents, responsible gaming, and content generation.

Microsoft Hosts AI and Gaming Research Summit Online

The Microsoft AI and Gaming Research Summit is a chance for experts to come together to share ideas. Speakers for the event come from the gaming industry, the Microsoft Research team, and the Microsoft Gaming team.

The summit will focus on four key themes:

  • AI Agents for gameplay and game testing
  • Responsible Gaming, including ethics, safety, and inclusivity
  • Computational creativity and content generation
  • Understanding Players, player engagement, and analytics

Covering those four key themes are the daily talks, split into two “Tracks” running simultaneously. Track 1 will deal with AI agents, while Track 2 will cover Computational creativity.

Each day starts and concludes with a plenary session to introduce and bookend the day’s coverage. There are some exciting speakers planned for the plenary sessions, too:

  • Catherine Varner (Director, Strategy and Monetization, Dreamhaven)
  • Kareem Choudhry (Corporate Vice President, Gaming Cloud, Microsoft)
  • Katja Hofmann (Game Intelligence Lead, Microsoft Research)
  • Mark Riedl (Director, Entertainment Intelligence Lab, Georgia Tech)
  • Peter Lee (Corporate Vice-President, Research and Incubations, Microsoft)
  • Phil Spencer (Executive Vice President, Gaming, Microsoft)

You can check out the full AI and Gaming Research Summit schedule to figure out which Track interests you most.

Although event registration was between 12-19 February, the event is accepting late registrations. However, there may be a short delay in processing your registration.

AI Remains One of the Fastest Growing Sectors

The AI sector remains one of the fastest-growing areas of tech worldwide. Companies are investing billions into AI development, and the gaming industry is no different. It’s no wonder AI is considered one of the technology trends already changing the future.

AI in gaming isn’t new, of course. Your computer opponents in the game, the NPCs around the world, and the big bosses at the end of a level all use artificial intelligence to a degree. Now, those AI-controlled elements are more intelligent than ever thanks to deep learning, which can give your AI-controlled opponents the feel of a human player.

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As ever, Microsoft is at the front of the development queue, pushing the sector and its boundaries further than ever.

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