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Huawei Managed to Grow During 2020: Company Chairman

2020 was a challenging year for the tech industry. However, it was especially difficult for Huawei due to the hurdles imposed by the US sanctions amid the ongoing US-China trade war.

Nevertheless, according to the company’s Rotating Chairman, Ken Hu, Huawei not only managed to stay afloat but also registered a slight growth in its annual performance despite all the problems. The company’s operations remained stable and its relations with its partners remained strong.

Huawei was placed on the US entity list back in 2019 when former President Donald Trump termed the company a threat to national security. This prevented Huawei from accessing critical technologies made in the US including Google’s services. The sanctions greatly affected the brand’s Smartphone production and even prevented it from developing its own smartphone chipsets.

However, the company managed to keep going during the extraordinary difficulties and now the executives are hoping that the new Biden administration will “harbor an open policy”, at least in regards to allowing US firms to work with Huawei.

Moreover, the company’s CEO Ren Zhenfei, in a recent statement, also claimed that the company saw positive growth and net profit as well last year. He did not reveal any numbers though.

In another news, earlier today, Huawei has launched its second-generation foldable phone dubbed the Mate X2. It comes with a stellar design and amazing specifications. However, it lacks Google Services and will have limited availability outside of China.

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