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Android 12 May Let You Launch Paired Apps With a Single Tap

You’ll soon be able to open multiple apps at once in Android’s split screen mode.

App Pairs in Android 12

Android’s split screen mode has been around for quite some time. With Android 12, the company is bringing an enhanced version of that mode that will let you make pairs of your apps and launch them in the split screen mode.

How Will This App Pairs Feature Work?

As discovered by XDA Developers after digging into Android 12’s source code, Google calls this feature App Pairs. It lets you create a pair of apps that you can launch side-by-side in the split screen mode, with a single tap.

Basically, you’ll choose the apps that you want to run side-by-side. Then, Android will place your apps one after another in the split screen mode, instead of asking you to choose the second app that you want to add to the half-empty screen after choosing the first app.

When Will You Get the App Pairs Feature?

The App Pairs feature hasn’t made it to the stable release of Android 12. That means, you may or may not get the feature on your phone. However, since the feature has been seen in the early builds of the operating system, it’s highly likely you’ll get it when Android 12 releases for the public.

You can actually get this feature on your compatible smartphone right now. Companies like Samsung have developed their own apps to let you use this App Pairs feature without waiting for Android 12 to release. There’s even an app called Split Screen Launcher on the Google Play Store to let you use this feature right away.

Will Your Android Phone Get This Feature?

Since this feature is built into Android 12, all phones that support this version of the operating system will likely get the feature.

If you have a phone that won’t support Android 12, you can root your Android device and flash a custom ROM that’s based on Android 12 to get the App Pairs feature. You aren’t encouraged to do this, but it is an option if you’re desperate to use the feature on an incompatible phone.

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Bid Goodbye to Manually Selecting Apps

If you tend to use particular apps in Android’s split screen mode, Android 12 will make your job easier. You’ll be able to pin both your apps in the split screen mode, allowing you to quickly launch both your apps at once.

App Pairs is one of the many features of Android 12, and there are many other features worth exploring in this upcoming version of the OS.

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