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iPadOS 14.5 Adds Scribble Support for More Languages

Scribble now lets more people write with Apple Pencil in their native languages.

An image illustrating Apple's Maps app running on an iPad Pro and featuring Scribble handwriting in the search field

Apple’s iPadOS 14.5 update expands Scribble support to an additional five languages, allowing more iPad owners to handwrite directly into text fields with their Apple Pencil.

Use Scribble in Five New Languages

iPadOS 14.5 brings Scribble support to German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese.

MUO has confirmed that these Scribble languages are available in the second beta of iPadOS 14.5 This brings the number of supported languages to seven because Scribble debuted with the English and Chinese languages at launch.

Simply add one or more supported language in Settings > General > Keyboard to have it listed in Settings > Apple Pencil. Apple provides complete local support for Scribble with features like auto-correction, special characters, and more.

Scribble is also available on the Apple Watch. With Scribble for Apple Watch, you can do things like craft a quick message by drawing the letter you’d like with your finger.

Apple will update its iOS and iPadOS Feature Availability webpage when iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5 launch publicly to indicate the addition of new Scribble languages.

Can I Use This Right Now?

iPadOS 14.5 is currently being tested with Apple’s registered developers and public beta testers, who can try out the feature ahead of its public launch.

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Apple has not said when iPadOS 14.5 might drop. It usually takes half a dozen betas before an iOS update reaches so-called Gold Master status, meaning it’s ready for public consumption. In other words, expect iPadOS 14.5 to launch publicly around the spring.

iOS and iPadOS 14.5 bring other new features, including:

Scribble has been available as of iPadOS 14.0.

Here’s How Scribble Works

Scribble lets you handwrite with your Apple Pencil directly into a text field and have the writing turned into typed text. The system’s data detectors are available with Scribble, automatically converting numbers and email addresses you handwrite into actionable links.

Scribble also supports special Apple Pencil gestures. For example, you can scratch a word or space to delete it. If you need to copy or move a word, simply circle the word to select it. You can also touch and hold with your Apple Pencil between words to add a space.

An image illustrating Apple's Keynote app running on an iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil Scribble palette shown at the bottom of the screen

The feature comes with a handy palette with helpful app-specific shortcuts.

In Mail, the shortcut palette includes options like image insertion and font picker. But as soon as you switch over to, say, the Reminders app, the palette updates with reminder-specific options such as setting the recent time and location.

And to keep your writing private and protect your privacy, Scribble transcription happens directly on the device—nothing gets sent to the cloud for processing whatsoever.

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