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Future Apple Pencil Could Have Sensor to Sample Colors From the Real World

Apple is exploring new Apple Pencil expertise that would enable the system to pattern colours from the actual world to use in digital artwork, drawings, edits, and extra, in accordance to an Apple patent software printed by the United States Patent and Trademark Office this week.

Titled “Computer System With Color Sampling Stylus,” the patent describes a pc stylus that “may have a color sensor.”

The shade sensor can be outfitted with a number of photodetectors in a position to measure gentle for various shade channels, which might let it detect and pattern a shade from an actual world object, like a flower.

The stylus may be outfitted with a lightweight to make it simpler for the photodetectors to precisely decide a shade, and the remainder of the patent describes an Apple Pencil-like design with an elongated physique, a tip, and an opposing finish, with the tip in a position to work with a touch-sensitive show.

Apple says the shade sensor performance could possibly be situated at the finish of the stylus, at the tip, or coupled to the tip by a lightweight information.

With this sort of expertise, ‌Apple Pencil‌ customers would find a way to do one thing like maintain the ‌Apple Pencil‌ towards an object in the actual world, with the ‌Apple Pencil‌ studying the shade. It could possibly be used for photorealistic work or simply sampling of distinctive colours from grass, crops, current artwork, and a lot extra.

According to the patent, the stylus would detect the shade after which put it in a shade palette in a drawing program, the place the shade could possibly be assigned to a brush. Apple additionally means that shade sensor might maybe be used for different functions comparable to calibrating shows, calibrating printers, making health-related measurements, and figuring out paint colours for house tasks, which might make the ‌Apple Pencil‌ much more versatile.

Optical shade sensors like this exist already and have been utilized in varied methods. In truth, we have examined a easy, rudimentary optical shade sensor in the Sphero Specdrums, a product meant to flip shade into sound. This product features a little finger ring that may be tapped towards actual world objects to make sounds primarily based on the shade it senses, however Apple’s implementation would presumably be rather more exact.

Apple patents every kind of various applied sciences, a few of which appear believable to implement and others which are fairly fantastical. There’s by no means any assure that Apple’s patents can be used for actual merchandise, and actually, most patents are for applied sciences that by no means get launched.

For that motive, there is not any phrase on whether or not Apple truly plans to add a shade sensor to the ‌Apple Pencil‌, or if that is merely an concept that’s by no means going to make it out of the potentialities section.

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