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Every outfit and piece of armor in Ghost of Tsushima

Samurai Clan Helmet Worn with pleasure by the samurai of Tsushima. Ghost Of Tsushima Samurai Clan Helmet Cropped
Samurai Clan Helmet – Refined Worn with pleasure by the samurai of Tsushima. Ghost Of Tsushima Samurai Clan Helmet Refined Cropped Sakai Clan Helmet Hallmark of the samurai of the Sakai clan. Ghost Of Tsushima Sakai Clan Helmet Cropped Sakai Clan Helmet – Improved Hallmark of the samurai of the Sakai clan. Ghost Of Tsushima Sakai Clan Helmet Improved Cropped Sakai Clan Helmet – Refined For the chief of the Sakai clan. Beforehand worn by Jin’s father, Kazumasa Sakai. Ghost Of Tsushima Sakai Clan Helmet Refined Cropped Ghost Headband The headscarf of Tsushima’s legendary Ghost. Ghost Of Tsushima Ghost Headband Cropped Patchwork Straw Hat Easy, unaffected, and repaired by its proprietor for a few years. Ghost Of Tsushima Patchwork Straw Hat Cropped Bowman’s Straw Hat Favored by expert archers. Ghost Of Tsushima Bowmans Straw Hat Cropped Farmer’s Straw Hat Favored by farmers and those that help them. Ghost Of Tsushima Farmers Straw Hat Cropped Wooden Spirit Straw Hat For individuals who stroll the lonely forests and bogs of Tsushima. Ghost Of Tsushima Wood Spirit Straw Hat Cropped Weathered Straw Hat It might have been higher days, however it has lived a full life. Ghost Of Tsushima Weathered Straw Hat Cropped Wanderer’s Straw Hat Retains the rain off your face and the solar out of your eyes. Ghost Of Tsushima Wanderers Straw Hat Cropped Betrayer’s Hat Final worn by a childhood good friend… and a traitor to Tsushima. Ghost Of Tsushima Betrayers Hat Cropped Headband of Uncertainty Ocean out of attain. An Unknown world teems with life. Nowhere left to go. Ghost Of Tsushima Headband Of Uncertainty Cropped Headband of Strife Shut being the veil. Wrestle and cry out for assist. Shattered, however alive. Ghost Of Tsushima Headband Of Strife Cropped Band of the Second Son The colours of a warrior from a dstant time and place. Ghost Of Tsushima Band Of The Second Son Cropped Headband of Survival Thriving in the darkish. The outstretched palms left to fend. Solutions by no means discovered. Ghost Of Tsushima Headband Of Survival Cropped Headler’s Headband Cherished by the healers of Akashima. Ghost Of Tsushima Healers Headband Cropped Headband of Preservation Sights set excessive above. A journey’s path by no means recognized. Speeding previous failure. Ghost Of Tsushima Headband Of Preservation Cropped Sago Blue Headband Handcrafted in the northen rown of Sago, famed for its dyes. Ghost Of Tsushima Sago Blue Headband Cropped Headband of Serenity Whispers by means of the bushes. Swaying freely in the wind. Rising ever sturdy. Ghost Of Tsushima Headband Of Serenity Cropped Gosaku’s Helmet – Improved Worn by Gosaku, famed protector of Tsushima’s farmers. Ghost Of Tsushima Gosakus Helmet Improved Cropped Headband of Rebirth A journey awaits. A welcome escape from all. Wash the concern away. Ghost Of Tsushima Headband Of Rebirth Cropped Headband of Concern Secrets and techniques buried deep. Shifting shadows beckon forth. Guided by night time’s glow. Ghost Of Tsushima Headband Of Fear Cropped Gyozen’s Blindfold Worn by the keepers of Tsushima’s legends. Ghost Of Tsushima Gyozens Blindfold Cropped Headband of Demise Basked in peace, we relaxation. The earth’s chilly grasp, beneath. Flourishing and free. Ghost Of Tsushima Headband Of Death Cropped Headband of Perseverance Banded collectively. Concern of what’s lurking beneath. Educated to by no means fail. Ghost Of Tsushima Headband Of Perseverance Cropped Crooked Kama Headband Reap your enemies like rice at harvest time. Ghost Of Tsushima Crooked Kama Headband Cropped Chaos Headband Prefered by those that sow confusion and concern in the ranks of their enemies. Ghost Of Tsushima Chaos Headband Cropped Noble Fighter’s Headband Solely these with worthy ambitions could put on this headband. Ghost Of Tsushima Noble Fighters Headband Cropped Clear Summer time Headband Refreshing as a sea breeze in summer time. Ghost Of Tsushima Clear Summer Headband Cropped Fierce Warrior’s Headband Heralds the relentless futy of a warrior with out concern. Ghost Of Tsushima Fierce Warroirs Headband Cropped Headband of Peace Following the breeze. Deep breaths launched to the wind. Ready to alter course. Ghost Of Tsushima Headband Of Peace Cropped Kensei Headband A trophy taken from the Straw Hat duelist Kojiro. Ghost Of Tsushima Kensei Headband Cropped Gosaku’s Headband Worn by the legendary Gosaku. Ghost Of Tsushima Gosakus Headband Cropped Mongol Helmet Worn by Mongol troopers. Ghost Of Tsushima Mongol Helmet Cropped Hinode Headband Good as the daylight that drives away evil spirits. Ghost Of Tsushima Hinode Headband Cropped Tora Headband Imparts the fury and crafty of the tiger to its wearer. Ghost Of Tsushima Tora Headband Cropped Serpent Strike Headband Dyed the shade of a venemous snake, so beware the wearer’s chew. Ghost Of Tsushima Serpent Strike Headband Cropped Warrior’s Sundown Headband As day offers technique to night time, blood and fireplace to comply with. Ghost Of Tsushima Warriots Sunset Headband Plum Blossom Headband At some point peace will return to Tsushima, like a cool night time breeze that rustles the plum bushes. Ghost Of Tsushima Plum Blossom Headband Cropped Headband of Refuge Calm waters, calm thoughts. Darkness fades in sensible gentle. We rise collectively. Ghost Of Tsushima Headband Of Refuge Cropped Evening Ocean Headband For a warrior who strikes from the depths of unknown darkness. Ghost Of Tsushima Night Ocean Headband Cropped Kyoto Twilight Headband Imbued with the mysterious energy of the imperial courtroom. Ghost Of Tsushima Kyoto Twilight Headband Headband of the Invasion Calm earlier than the storm. Overtaking all it sees. Speeding to the tip. Ghost Of Tsushima Headband Of The Invasion Cropped Aozora Headband Optimism in the face of adversity is the samurai spirit. Ghost Of Tsushima Aozora Headband Cropped Northern Farmer’s Hat Most well-liked by the farmers of the colder Kamiagata local weather. Ghost Of Tsushima Northern Farmers Hat Cropped Toyotama Straw Hat Favored by those that hang-out Toyotama’s marshes. Ghost Of Tsushima Toyotama Straw Hat Cropped Riverbed Straw Hat A poor, humble traveler… or a lethal warrior? Ghost Of Tsushima Riverbed Straw Hat Cropped Tengai True mastery begins the place particular person ego ends. Ghost Of Tsushima Tengai Helmet Cropped White Headband The need of a warrior is timeless and untouched by demise. Ghost Of Tsushima White Headband Cropped

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