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Ghost of Tsushima: Tips and tricks for slicing with style

Ghost of Tsushima is Sony’s final huge unique for the PlayStation 4, debuting July 17. It’s a sophisticated open world sport, so we’ve supplied our greatest suggestions and tricks that may preserve you on the precise path.

Ghost of Tsushima is a samurai action-adventure sport coming from Seattle’s Sucker Punch Studios, the developer that made different PlayStation exclusives just like the Sly Cooper and Infamous collection. I discover the best method to describe it’s that it’s like getting into an Akira Kurosawa samurai movie (just like the Seven Samurai or Ran).

It’s set in 1274 in Japan throughout the first Mongol invasion. You play as Jin Sakai, a samurai lord who ultimately turns into often called the Ghost. Sucker Punch beforehand made Infamous: Second Son, one of the earliest exclusives on the PS4 in 2014.

I’ve saved this story as free of spoilers as potential, however the recommendation nonetheless holds for rather a lot of conditions. I performed it on regular. You play as Jin Sakai, one of the defenders of Tsushima Island throughout the invasion. He joins Lord Shimura within the disastrous samurai cost at Komodo Beach, the place the Mongols hopelessly outnumber the Japanese. The Mongols led by Khotun Khan win and subjugate the island. Jin survives as he’s rescued by a thief named Yuna, however Lord Shimura is captured. The major goal of the primary act of the sport is the retake Castle Kaneda, the principle citadel in southern Tsushima. Then there are two extra acts, all within the title of expunging the Mongols from Tsushima. Here’s our suggestions and tricks on the way to play the sport.

There are some spoilers, however we’ve tried to reduce these –Ed.

Master the fight

Jin is a likable hero.

Above: Jin Sakai is a likable hero.

Image Credit: Sony

Ghosts of Tsushima is way extra forgiving in fight than Souls video games like Sekiro. But it is best to bear in mind the way to battle every kind of enemy, together with brutes, sword-fighters, armored protect bearers, and lance/spear fighters. When a spear fighter lunges at you and an orange mild flashes, you may’t block that assault, until you’ve picked up a talent a lot later within the sport. You should dodge with the Circle button or attempt to leap out of the best way with the X button. You can use a fast assault to counter with the Square button, or launch a heavy sword assault with the Triangle button. These buttons received’t work for you each time, as you need to get your timing proper in blocking assaults or lunging at enemies.

As you stage up, you may study new combos that may enable you to. If you defeat the boss Yasuhira Koga, you may entry the Heavenly Strike assault by hitting the Triangle and Circle buttons concurrently. This makes use of some of your Resolve, nevertheless it additionally unleashes an unblockable assault that may come in useful in fights with later bosses equivalent to Ryuzo.

P.S.: Don’t use the Triangle button to attempt to mount your horse, as you’ll take a swing at it. Use the precise set off (R2) as an alternative.

Pick up sources

Always bear in mind to scrounge for sources like provides, consumable weapons equivalent to Kunai throwing blades, bamboo (which you’ll be able to seize whereas nonetheless using your horse), animal skins, and different issues that you could commerce. You can use these to improve your armor, your blades, your vainness garments, and many different issues. Enemies usually hand over helpful sources when you’ve killed them. Always go to the highest of guard towers and inside buildings and different surprising corners to search out the goodies. You can use flowers to purchase garments and different vainness gear.

Play the map

The map of Tsushima

Above: The map of Tsushima

Image Credit: Sucker Punch/Sony

Mike Minotti, who reviewed Ghost of Tsushima for GamesBeat, discovered the sport resembled the open worlds of Ubisoft titles like Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey. If you’re ever uncertain of what to do subsequent, you’ll see duties to do on the map. You can zoom in or zoom out to see strategic targets extra simply utilizing the precise stick. It’s all the time finest to pursue the missions on as straight a path as potential, however there are all kinds of smaller targets or facet quests you may pursue which can be virtually as fulfilling as the principle missions. Masako’s story, for occasion, has 9 missions, and it will get significantly sizzling when she and Jin have their variations.

Follow the Divine Wind

The fauna sways in the wind in Ghost of Tsushima.

Above: The fauna sways within the wind in Ghost of Tsushima.

Image Credit: Sucker Punch/Sony

The Divine Wind, or kamikaze, was revered in Japan for saving the nation from the Mongols. Sucker Punch has woven that fantasy into the sport because the spirit of Jin Sakai’s father. Whenever you may have a mission to move towards on the map, the wind will seem and blow within the appropriate route that you need to go. It’s like having a minimap information with out the minimap, and it’s one of the wonderful design factors of Ghost of Tsushima. The solely downside is the wind will typically blow proper within the route of an not possible mountain or waterfall. The Divine Wind, of course, got here to be controversial in later Japanese historical past throughout World War II, with the arrival of kamikaze assaults. But there’s nothing evil about it on this sport.

Use quick journey

You’ll discover that many locations the place you’ve already trodden will speak in confidence to you through quick journey. While Tsushima’s landscapes are stunning, you received’t get pleasure from using your horse over and over via some areas. So if you have to cross the entire map, it’s simpler to discover a place you may go to on quick journey and then vastly shorten that journey to your closing vacation spot.

Find the story’s lacking threads

Sometimes you’ll see story beats disappear from the map, like the following facet quest in Masako’s multi-part story or the monk’s story. As a consequence, I didn’t end all of these missions till after I completed the principle marketing campaign for Jin. But they’re simple to search out in the event you take a look at the menu for story missions every now and then, as you may connect with these missions immediately from that menu.

Leave troublesome duties for later

If you’re anticipating an enormous problem in taking up castles or confronting Mongol leaders within the huge marketing campaign, you may make your character stronger by tackling rather a lot of the facet quests. The sport is nice about providing you with bite-sized missions that provide you with sources, expertise, and higher fight effectiveness over time. The huge challenges are taking up Castle Kaneda, Castle Shimura, and the ultimate push on the finish.

Combat will get simpler

Time for a duel in Ghost of Tsushima.

Above: Time for a duel in Ghost of Tsushima.

Image Credit: Sucker Punch/Sony

At first, I had bother combating bosses like Kaga, and even the routine spear enemies or brutes with large maces. But as I leveled up my character and bought the precise sword stances to take them on correctly, the combating bought a lot simpler. You simply should be sure you stage up your weapons as a lot as potential and all the time bear in mind to take out leaders of the Mongols so you may advance. You can study varied deflection methods. If you do a “perfect parry,” you might be able to inflict Terrify on enemies, making them panic, drop their weapons, or simply run away. You may choose up methods equivalent to deflecting arrows with your sword or parrying an unblockable assault.

Always use your Kunai knives

The finest of the Ghost weapons are your Kunai blades, that are small knives you may throw like darts. You can use them in stealth to convey down a number of guards directly or simply stun enemies so you may shut on them with ending blows. These are nice methods to tilt an enormous melee with a number of enemies in your favor. They’re additionally nice for stealth missions the place it’s arduous to sneak up on an enemy unseen. You can replenish the knives by ensuring you’re all the time selecting up provides. It’s nice to stage up this functionality so you may throw as many as 5 knives directly.

Use your Ghost weapons

I’ve already talked about the Kunai. But you may earn a quantity of different Ghost stealth weapons over time. The most dear of these is the Wind Chime, which you toss with a view to distract an enemy to analyze the spot the place you throw the chime. It helps you’re taking out guards in stealth, significantly when there are a number of guards collectively. You may get smoke bombs, firecracker distractions, small grenades dubbed black powder bombs, and sticky bombs. This makes your character extra like a ninja than a samurai, however that’s half of the storyline.

Equip your charms

The Omamori charms are equipment that may acquire you particular skills in battle or in looking for issues on the world map. You can discover them at Shinto shrines however they’re scattered all through the map. You can unlock extra attraction slots for your swords in the event you observe foxes to the Inari shrines hidden within the map. These charms provide you with higher well being, weapons, or the possibility to strike worry in your enemies. Sadly, there aren’t sufficient slots to make use of many of the charms.

Improve your resolve

The island of Tsushima is under attack from the Mongols.

Above: The island of Tsushima is beneath assault from the Mongols.

Image Credit: Sucker Punch/Sony

Resolve is a measure of your talent in fight. It captures your reserve of willpower that you just’re in a position to faucet with a view to defeat your enemies. You begin small, however add ranges as you acquire expertise from combating. It measures how a lot injury you may take and nonetheless keep standing to battle. It seems in fight as yellow circles. You can spend Resolve to realize well being, however you solely get just a few probabilities to try this. You acquire resolve by efficiently killing enemies or parrying their assaults. You can acquire Resolve in standoffs, the place you sq. off in a duel towards one enemy (or later within the sport). If you win the duel, you acquire Resolve.

Use your samurai stance

If you’re leveling up, it is best to all the time be certain that to take down Mongol leaders. When you do, you get factors towards unlocking a brand new stance, which provides you the flexibility to penetrate the defenses of particular targets. The Moon Stance is efficient towards huge brutes. This implies that in the event you launch a heavy assault with the triangle, odds are good that you just’ll bust via the defenses of the enemy.

Practice bamboo strikes

I discovered that placing the bamboo, or chopping via a number of stalks in a single strike, to be actually troublesome. At first, you need to press three buttons to chop via three bamboo stalks. But then it goes to 5 stalks and 5 button pushes, and you need to get the button pushes in the precise order. Finally, you need to lower seven stalks, which requires a mastery of the controller that I hardly ever had persistence for. I managed to chop seven stalks simply as soon as within the sport. But that gave me an additional resolve level, which was essential in serving to Jin survive troublesome boss battles.

Find the Fox Dens

You want all of the assistance you may get early on. You can add to your capabilities with charms. And to unlock extra attraction slots, you may go to Fox Den areas and observe the lovable fox to an Inari shrine. If you try this sufficient, you may unlock a brand new attraction slot.

Find collectibles

Speaking of collectibles, there are heaps of issues that you could accumulate, together with data, banners, Mongol artifacts, vainness gear, and the listing goes on because the digital world of Tsushima feels limitless.

Take a break in an onsen

It's a samurai's world.

Above: It’s a samurai’s world.

Image Credit: Sony

If you discover a sizzling springs pool, you may go into it and develop Jin’s well being bar by a small quantity. You additionally get to see Jin bare from the again facet, type of. (Some folks would possibly get enthusiastic about this, because it’s the one bare factor you’ll discover within the sport).

Haiku spots

You’ll ultimately wish to discover methods to divert your self within the sport. Haiku spots are a method to try this. You can go to those spots and discover a bit peace. You can look across the panorama and choose a line introduced to you as a chunk of a brief haiku poem. Once you’ll finished, Jin reads the haiku aloud.

Level up for standoffs

Standoffs are the honorable method {that a} samurai approaches an enemy camp. You problem their finest fighter to a duel, and in the event you win, you may strike worry in the remaining of the enemies. You have to have the ability to launch your blade (holding down triangle) earlier than your enemy does. You can’t fall for their false lunges otherwise you lose. There actually isn’t a consequence for shedding this standoff. But in the event you win, you may take out one, two, and even three enemies with little or no effort. But as famous, you may stage up your standoffs over time.

Try out Kurosawa mode

This is a dramatic black-and-white mode that reminds us of Akira Kurosawa’s movies equivalent to The Seven Samurai. It’s the identical sport, performed in black-and-white. All these stunning colours disappear, however you’ll really feel such as you’re in a film. Just be aware that it turns into more durable to search out some icons on the earth, such because the icons that let you know what half of the story is coming subsequent. The wind results are additionally extra extreme.

Chains are good

You can stage as much as chain kills in standoffs, chain assassinations, and chain kills in battle. Don’t neglect this generally is a huge assist in crowds, and it may strike worry in witnesses.

Difficulty modes

You can change the problem mode from Easy to Normal to Hard at any time. It impacts solely fight. If you’re in a tricky boss battle with a swordmaster, you may decrease the problem for simply that battle. I performed it on regular and had to try this with one of the boss fights. But in a while, it felt just like the combating bought too simple once I was extra highly effective.

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