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Friday’s Best Deals: TaoTronics ANC Headphones, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, HEPA Air Filter, Sunday Scaries CBD, and More

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An exclusive discount on TaoTronics active noise-canceling headphones, a rare markdown on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for Nintendo Switch, a Vava HEPA air filter, and a Sunday Scaries CBD bundle lead Friday’s best deals.

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Done with cable? If you’re not much of a TV person and you just want to catch your daily news and Judge Judy episodes, perhaps a digital antenna is all you need. AUKEY’s is already cheap enough on its own, but it falls to an insanely low $7 with promo code OYFSVLVF.

Shipping with a signal amplifier and a 10-foot coaxial cable, AUKEY claims it serves up all local HD channels within 80 miles, but keep in mind those claims are usually based on more-than-ideal circumstances.

Even if you only get half that range, though, you should be in good shape. And you’ll be ready for 4K TV once the new ATSC 3.0 broadcast standard is rolled out later this year, so don’t hesitate to pull the trigger.

This deal was originally published by Quentyn Kennemer on 4/22/2020 and updated with new information on 7/17/2020.

Now that every last one of us is Extremely Online, it’s time to start thinking like an internet veteran, and according to our own work from home starter kit, one of the best places to start is with a VPN. Among them, ibVPN is one of the most universally acclaimed clients, and their annual Ultimate VPN plan is $50 right now using the promo code KINJA50.

Priced at $11 a month or $58 per year at its usual rate, this limited-time discount brings its cost down to just over $4 a month, or $50 each year. According to the site, it includes the following features:

  • High-Speed Connections
  • P2P/Torrents Allowed
  • 5 Simultaneous Connections
  • Proxy Servers In All Locations
  • Socks5 Proxies
  • TOR over VPN
  • Double VPN
  • Unlimited Bandwith
  • NAT Firewall
  • OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP, SSTP,
    SoftEther, IPsec
  • Stealth VPN
  • High Priority Support

Versus other plans on the service, this one seems to be the complete experience. The stealth VPN, TOR over VPN, and Double VPN functionalities are exclusive to this plan while even Sock5 proxies are limited to this and the TorrentVPN plan. So if you’re looking to save on a reputable VPN, this might be your safest bet.

If you’re in dire need to charge up your phone and other devices, you should check out RAVPower’s 22000mAh power bank. It’s only $20 after you use an exclusive Kinja Deals promo code: KINJAPB52 as well as clipping the coupon on the page. You’ll be able to charge up to three devices all at once. Grab it before it’s gone!

Do you have earbuds that block out all sound when you’re outside running or are you a hiker who hears virtually nothing but your tunes? This might be a problem you didn’t realize as you should more be engaged with your surroundings when breaking a sweat. Plantronics Backbeat FIT 3150 True Wireless Sport Headphones are here to help all for $100.

Several customers noted that being able to hear what’s going on around them as their motivation for purchasing these. You absolutely want clear and crisp sound coming through your earbuds when you workout, don’t get me wrong, but not being able to hear anything else is scary. I’ve been there and it’s not pleasant when another runner sneaks up on you, or you don’t know a biker is yelling that they are approaching. They call this feature of the eartips, “Always Aware.” But beyond that, reviewers also noted they are comfy and sweatproof. They fit securely in the ear and the built-in mic is just a good as others on the market. One reviewer said he only uses these for work calls because they are so comfortable. You’ll get up to eight hours off of one charge. It pairs easy with Bluetooth and you’re saving 33%.

Best Buy offers free shipping on this item.

Most of the time, our phones are pretty great at capturing the shots we want. High-end phones like the iPhone 11 Pro and Google Pixel 4 even come packed with multiple lenses to help you get your framing just right. But if you’ve got a device with fewer lenses, or you just like having as many options as possible, you might consider grabbing one of Moment’s attachable lenses, which are on sale for up to $50 off right now.

If you’re just looking to get a wider view of a nice scene, there’s a wide 18mm lens, a 58mm telephoto lens, and even a 14mm fisheye lens if yous to get a little funky with your shots. You’ll need a case to go with those lenses, though. Whether you’ve got an iPhone or a Pixel, there’s an option available. There’s also a Galaxy case that’s $20 off, if you’re looking to give this to your Samsung-toting pal.

For just $19, you wouldn’t expect to get a pair of headphones with active noise cancellation, 40mm drivers, 24-hour battery life, and a foldable form factor for travel, but that’s exactly what these TaoTronics headphones provide. Just clip the coupon at Amazon and enter promo code KINJABH47, and you’re golden.

At Back Market, you can save a decent chunk on a pair of Beats Studio3 wireless over-ear headphones. They’re only $175 refurbished, which saves you at least $25 over the cost you’d pay for it new at most other retailers. These are in “mint” condition, too, which—according to the refurbisher Back Market—means the following:

Condition Note: All devices are in excellent cosmetic condition. May show minimal to no signs of use. All devices have been tested and restored to full function, factory, standard condition.

Should you take a chance, you’ll treat your ears to a balanced, but powerful sound stage helped along by active noise cancellation and Apple’s W1 audio chip.

Enjoy up to 22 hours of battery life with ANC mode on, and a whopping 40 hours when you disengage it. Plus, the audio is calibrated in real-time to adapt to your ambient environment, giving you the best possible sound at any given moment.

If you buy from Back Market, remember that every purchase is backed by a 12-month warrant and a 30-day return policy, so don’t be afraid to take a chance on a sweet new set of cans.

Alexa, where can I get up to 25% off an Echo Dot smart speaker?

*Extreme Alexa voice* (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ Right here on Kinja Deals

Whatever your thoughts on The Mandalorian or Disney+ or the fact “The Child” (if you call him that, you’re a cop) was transparently designed as a cash grab, I think we can all agree it fucking works. Baby Yoda is precious and we all want to pinch his cheeks and tell him he’s a good boy. Even if you hate Baby Yoda, you secretly love him. And that’s okay. Wear the shame on your phone and wear it with pride. The Baby Yoda PopSocket is $5 off at Amazon. You won’t regret waking up every morning to his adorable lil’ bug eyes on your nightstand.

I don’t know about you guys, but I often forget to plug in my (somewhat ancient) iPhone 8 Plus almost every other night, despite the cord being right on my nightstand. I’m sure there are a couple of folks who do the same thing, and I’m here to tell you we don’t have to suffer anymore. The white Anker Powerwave charging stand is down to $18, with the code ANKERWT24, while the black version is currently $19 without a code.

You can charge both iPhones and Androids at a pretty good speed. The best part is that you don’t have to take off your phone case to get a good charge—It can deliver power with cases up to 5mm thick, so don’t worry about your phone mysteriously falling and breaking its back on the cold, hard floor. I’d grab it before it is gone!

Is your tech family neatly divided between Apple and, well, everything else? AUKEY’s 15W Slimline power bank—now $28 ($12 off) with exclusive promo code KINJAY14 for one day only—packs 20,000mAh of extra standby power for iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones, Nintendo Switches, true wireless headphones, and anything else that needs USB charging. That’s because there are three USB-A ports with supporting Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 and a USB-C port with all packed into the same slim slab.

This article was originally published by Quentyn Kennemer on 5/8/2020 and updated by Quentyn Kennemer with new information on 7/15/2020. 

So, with everything going on right now, maybe buying a new gaming PC, or the parts to build your own, isn’t the smartest purchase. That said, if you’ve got an old one lying around that you’ve been using to stay in touch with friends over a few rounds of Overwatch (is this still a relevant reference?) or as your work-from-home computer, it might start feeling a little slow.

While there are a few ways to speed up your computer (switch from a HDD to an SSD, get a new processor) a quick swap for more RAM can do the trick, too. It can get pretty pricey, but right now you can get 32GB of RAM from Corsair (it’s two sticks of 16GB RAM), for $148. You’ll need to make sure your motherboard can support it, but just do some research there and you should be fine.

For years now, our readers and staff alike have praised Anker’s low-cost, high-value tech accessories for putting the bigger brands to shame in terms of pricing. Despite coming in at less than half the price of a pair of standard AirPods—you know, the non-pro kind without the waterproof/sweatproof functionality and active noise cancellation—the Soundcore Life P2 true wireless earbuds deliver high-quality sound by way of their graphene drivers, an IPX7 waterproof rating, and dual mics in each bud for crystal clear phone calls.

If the prohibitive asking price has you on the fence about AirPods, now 25% off, the Anker Soundcore Life P2 are equipped with “Push and Go” technology, similar to Apple’s H1 chip insofar as it trades the device pairing headache of Bluetooth for an effortless connection.

Puyo puyo! Over the years, there have been many iterations of Kirby, all of them adorable. This art book chronicles the history of the pink puffball and his various enemies as well as the concept art that helped them take shape. It also features, according to the description on the back cover, “exclusive notes from creators and artists who have brought Kirby to life throughout the years.” Personally, I’m fascinated with the making of Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, whose in-game models were literally sculpted from clay.

However, if you’re looking for a good recent Kirby game to pick up alongside this collection, I recommend Kirby: Planet Robobot in which, yes, our adorable lil’ buddy suits up in a mech to fight back against an evil corporation gentrifying his home planet with destructive technologies. For a recent, not-as-good-but-still-okay Kirby game on Nintendo Switch, Kirby: Star Allies is still fun to play co-op with friends, despite its shortcomings.

Green Man Gaming’s summer sale kicked off yesterday, and one of the best deals you’ll find is a digital copy of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare for $39. It’s the only game in the series this generation I haven’t been able to put down after a couple of months, mostly thanks to the highly addictive Warzone battle royale mode and its variants, plus a gross amount of gun game, both 2v2 and 3v3.

There’s more, of course, including a meaty multiplayer with globs of rotating modes and playlists, and there’s a short, but sweet story campaign for those who protested its removal from Black Ops IIII. Buy it from GMG and activate it on

It’s amazing to me that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild launched more than three years ago, and it’s still selling for full price. We’ve seen it dip a few times in the past, but those discounts are far and few between. Today, we’re seeing a decent $10 cut at Amazon for those who have yet to experience this vast open-world adventure featuring beautiful vistas to tickle your exploration bone.

If you still haven’t played Death Stranding, then you’re in luck, as it just came out for PC two days ago and it’s already marked down 20% as part of Green Man Gaming’s newly launched Summer Sale. Join Norman Fetus in 2019’s best strand game about the gig economy. From what I’ve heard, it’s the perfect game to play at this moment in time, and for good reason: it’s about a courier who also has to dispose of corpses found lying around because America has fallen apart. It serves as sharp, if hamfisted political commentary AND comic relief.

In her review for Kotaku, Heather Alexandra said it best:

It is a story about fatherhood. It is a broad dig at the gig economy. It is deeply concerned with upcoming environmental disaster and American politics, old and new.

Death Stranding is also about throwing grenades made from your own piss and shit at ghosts. It is about hiking alone in the wilderness for hours. It is a tireless grind.

Apart from Death Stranding, other newer, albeit less recent releases like Red Dead Redemption II, Shadow of the Tomb Raider Definitive Edition, and Borderlands 3 are also on sale. Sort through the whole selection over on Green Man Gaming’s Summer Sale lander and report back with any remarkable findings.

Real quick: Go pre-order Far Cry 6 at Amazon. The standard edition is $10 off, and you won’t be charged until your order ship! Plus, Amazon guarantees same-day delivery and promises to adjust your total automatically should the price drop any further.

Copies are available for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

It’s not enough to have gotten Scorbunny as your starter, use it to demolish the entirety of Pokemon Sword and Shield’s NPC population, and then proceed to spam it in raid battles because it now has the coolest G-Max form and hidden ability in the lands.

And walking around with your Cinderace at the Isle of Armor is cool and all, but you can’t bring your bunny obsession full circle until the little fiery furball is staring you dead in the face every time you play your Nintendo Switch. Let it accompany you on all your Switch adventures with this specially designed PowerA controller, which is only $32 when using exclusive discount code 20POWERA20 at Amazon.

  • Wireless freedom using Bluetooth 5.1
  • Features motion controls and mappable advanced gaming Buttons
  • Leds for player number, button mapping, and low battery warning
  • Includes two AA batteries for up to 30 hours of gameplay
  • Officially Licensed by Nintendo and the Pokemon company International with a two-year warranty

Grab one here!

P.S.: Though not as sweet as deal, you can also grab Sobble and Grookey for $40 using the same code! That’s 20POWERA20. 20POWERA20. 20POWERA20.

I’m a big fan of these Mega Construx sets. They are meticulously designed and often very cute. If you’re a collector building your Pokémon arsenal a good deal on these sets is key. Take 33% off this dark and electric pocket monster pairing right now.

This set gives you dark/water type Greninja, of Detective Pikachu fame, and Electabuzz the evolution of Elekid and obviously an electric type battler. Each has articulated limbs and launchers. This means you can display them in an epic fighting pose on any shelf. These sets can actually run pretty expensive depending on size and exclusivity so saving $10 is really nice for any aspiring trainer be they young or nostalgic.

Prime members enjoy free two-day shipping.

I firmly believe that these pool floats make great decorations outside of their water activities so fear not if you have no pool or beach to bring them too. Amazon has graciously given us a code for 30% off this adorable unicorn from Sable. Just put KINJA119 in at checkout and save $5.

This national animal of Scotland is magical, charming, and obviously very cute. Sable makes most of the pool floats you’ve seen and they are absolute quality. They can withstand the hottest of days and handle up to 220 lbs. This mythical beast is 48 inches in diameter, so ideal for lounging. They do include a repair kit just in case your mystical pony gets a tear or leak. But that’s rare in our experiences.

One day free shipping for Prime members and the deal runs until July 22.

Pressure cookers are for those who are less patient when it comes to food prep. But you do get your money’s worth if look at power to price. You can do a lot with cheaper foods and slower dishes in a pressure cooker. Chefman’s XL 8-Quart Programmable Multi-Function Pressure Cooker is $81 off right now and it’s what you’ve been searching for.

This is a larger model so if you have a big family or are an expert in meal prep this is definitely the appliance for you. The presets help get everything just right instead of making educated guesses. There are ten presets for pressure cooking, four for sloe cooking, and four for steaming. You’ll also see sear, sauté, ‘Keep Warm,’ and ‘Delay Start’ to ensure every meal is perfectly prepared. The lid locks in place for safety and all the accessories are dishwasher safe. This particular one is black and stainless steel and will blend in with whatever else you have on your counter.

If you’ve read a few of our pieces on MorningSave before and you like what you’ve seen they offer a $5 monthly fee to get free shipping on all of your orders no matter how many. Otherwise, it’s a flat rate of $8.

As I expressed in an earlier Co-op, I’m on the prowl for my first cordless vacuum. So while I can’t vouch for the Dyson V7 Origin myself, hearsay suggests it’s one of the better options out there (let me know what you think in the comments), and Dyson generally makes high-quality products which makes this deal hard to ignore: Newegg is selling the Dyson V7 Origin Cordless Vacuum, down 50% from MSRP.

In reality, this vacuum hasn’t been $400 in a while, if ever. On Amazon, where it currently sits at $290, the list price is $400. Still, you’re saving $90 over Amazon, where the lowest it’s been is $230. With a 0.14-gallon bin and 75% more brush bar power than its predecessor, the Dyson V6, you’ll get the capacity and the performance of some proper corded vacuums without any of the limitations. Better still, the head is interchangeable, so it can double as a car vac or traditional hand vac if need be.

This deal was originally published by Gabe Carey on 6/10/2020 and updated by Jordan McMahon with new information on 7/16/2020. 

Illustration for article titled Fridays Best Deals: TaoTronics ANC Headphones, iThe Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild/i, HEPA Air Filter, Sunday Scaries CBD, and More

Graphic: Ignacia Fulcher

Nordstrom Rack is coming through with a dope home sale where most items are 25% off their original list price. Luckily, I sifted through to give you an overview of the best deals that are going on right now. Let’s get to it:

Oh, the joys of owning a larger vehicle. Not only does it cost more for parking in just about every city I’ve ever been to, but the jump starters, too, come at a premium. On the bright side, they occasionally go on sale for 40% off, as is the case with the Gooloo jumper pictured here.

This 1500A jump starter—which can breathe new life into your SUV, pickup truck, tractor, and even yacht—normally costs $80. Compared to the $60-$70 price tag on a lot of the 800A models geared toward more compact cars (the 1500A Gooloo supports up to 8-liter gas and 6-liter diesel engines), that’s a steep luxury tax for owners of bigger wheels.

Net yourself a high-end jump starter for the entry-level cost of $49 by clipping the coupon featured here and entering the promo code 5AS6L4JQ at checkout. You’ll never have to worry about your truck or phone dying again, thanks to its built-in 15,000mAh power bank functionality.

This deal was originally published by Gabe Carey in March 2020 and updated by Quentyn Kennemer with new information on 7/16/2020.

Perfect for Uber drivers or your own amateur episode of Carpool Karaoke, the Roav DashCam Duo by Anker is now just $90 at Amazon, a 31% discount. This two-way camera has strong night time performance and records both the front of the road and the cockpit of your car.

It has all the bells and whistles, including built-in GPS for tracking your trips, collision detection with a 30-second total buffer, and parking mode, which snaps a quick recording anytime something comes within view of the 1080p wide-angle cameras.

We could all use a little T.L.C. right now and if you can save some money while doing so all the better. This wireless percussion massager is currently on sale for $59. That’s over half off its original price so no additional headaches about money.

This massager has three pressure settings and can make it will feel just like a professional spa appointment. There are also three interchangeable attachments depending on your needs. Flathead, foot sole, and spinal each have specific targets. But even basic rounded massager head on its own sounds divine as it helps break up tension or knots. I know some backs that could surely use that. You get about two hours of relaxation between charges.

If you’ve read a few of our pieces on MorningSave before and you like what you’ve seen they offer a $5 monthly fee to get free shipping on all of your orders no matter how many. Otherwise, it’s a flat rate of $8.

Do a quick site search and you’ll find I’ve covered Dash exhaustively on this website, mainly because anyone that knows me knows how constrained my living situation is, especially in terms of kitchen space, and Dash is one of the few sources for decent (and affordable) compact kitchenware. As part of Amazon’s daily Gold Box deals, the company is running a sale on FULL-SIZE equipment like their air fryers, toaster ovens, blenders, and electric griddles, all of which are around 20% off if not a little more.

If you, like me, don’t have the space for these utilities, I’ve curated a handy list of mini appliances you can grab instead. Some, you’ll notice, are even discounted in this sale. Comb through Dash’s full selection in an array of classic colors, from baby blue to fiery red, on their dedicated Amazon deals page—you never know what’ll tempt your taste buds.

You may have seen Atlas Coffee Club on Forbes, USA Today, Food & Wine, and even CNN, but for the uninitiated, this subscription-based coffee service is giving Kinja Deals readers a free sample of their offerings using the promo code KINJACOFFEE. For $9 every 4 weeks or 2 weeks, you can look forward to half a bag of coffee on your doorstep from a different country around the world each time. $5 extra will grant you a full bag, making it the better value option.

With more than 50 countries now producing coffee—including Brazil, Ethiopia, Costa Rica, and Peru—you’ll have plenty opportunity to refine your taste and sample a bunch of globally curated grounds, or whole beans if you prefer to grind your own. Travel the world from the safety of your own home, in coffee form. In a time when sitting on a passenger plane puts yourself and others at risk, consider this a safer alternative to an international expedition.

If you’ve been one of the more motivated quarantine people and overhauled your diet and exercise plan or if you long to do so still, this is a deal for you. This blender bundle from Blentec could be just the thing you need to jump-start a whole new routine. Take $276 off today and grab the Total Blender with a full bag of Blendfresh power. You’ll also get free shipping with the code KINJAFS and a coupon for 20% off of anything at

This ten-speed durable and beautifully designed blender is easy to use and clean. There are preprogrammed buttons to help with smoothies, batters, soups, juices, and crushing ice. But it’s not all healthy fun and games, treat yourself a little to that ice cream setting too. Blendtec is a quality product and will have no problem pulverizing fruits and veggies for whole juices. The jar is BPA-free and clearly marked to aid in getting the right measurements no matter what you’re mixing. You’ll get twenty servings out of that Blendfresh powder bag and if you love it your coupon for their website is good until the end of the year. MorningSave is the only place that you will find this bundle.

At checkout select the regular $8 flat shipping rate then click for a ‘Coupon Code.’ Now put in the KINJAFS to take off the shipped price. This coupon code will expire next Wednesday.

Everyone loves a two in one deal. Multifaceted items cut down on how much stuff we need especially if you live in a tiny apartment where space is at a premium. Saving money is pretty good too. Today grab this wireless charging pad and digital LED Clock from CobaltX and save 68% on its original price.

I’m a big fan of wireless charging pads especially if you have a few people in your house. Back when we could have parties I always made sure I had mine out all around my apartment and that they were easy to find. Why? The number one question anyone asks when they come over, “ Can I charge my phone?” This CobaltX one also means no questions about time either. It’s built-in smart IC tech prevents phones from overcharging and puts juice back in it fast. It will fit perfectly on any desk, nightstand, or end table without claiming much real estate. Might as well grab two if you have very needy people in your life who never have a full charge.

If you’ve read a few of our pieces on SideDeal before and you like what you’ve seen they offer a $5 monthly fee to get free shipping on all of your orders no matter how many. Otherwise, it’s a flat rate of $8.

The benefits of a good night’s sleep are well documented but for some, it can be daunting to relax enough to ease into a great slumber. Aromatherapy has been known to ease anxiety and depression but also improve your sleep. This pillow seems like the perfect marriage of all those. Take $141 off Bed and Brand’s aromatherapy pillow today. 

This pillow is infused with lavender and chamomile two of the top scents for relaxation, restful sleep, and literal good vibes. While the pillow looks weird with all these holes, they are there to allow optimal airflow and to make sure those soothing smells are actually radiating out. It’s also made from memory foam which adds to sleepytime support. The pillow stays cooler than average ones because it’s constructed with 50% of bamboo fabric, the most eco-friendly of all the fabrics out there. This is a great deal for anyone looking to give more holistic measures a try for a more restful night.

If you’ve read a few of our pieces on MorningSave before and you like what you’ve seen, they offer a $5 monthly fee to get free shipping on all of your orders no matter how many. Otherwise, it’s a flat rate of $8.

Black Forest is known for quality gummy based animals made with real fruit juice and I’ve been a fan for years. If you’ve got a bit of sweet tooth this deal is for you. Today grab $5 off this massive five-pound bag of gummy worms.

This squirmy wormy bag of squishy organic critters are USDA certified organic candies. They are made with real fruit juice which is probably why everything in the Black Forest family is so dang delicious. Do five pounds of gummy worms sound ridiculous? Probably, but not if you have a few kids in your house or have a home filled with candy lovers. Split them up into appropriate serving sizes to ensure there isn’t a sugar overload and just remember to brush your teeth after.

Free two-day shipping for Prime members.

Remember Zoom? No, not the videoconferencing software, but the PBS show—ZOOM! SeaVee’s limited-edition Legend sneakers are Zoom in shoe form, an homage to the ‘80s made using Hoffman California fabrics. They’re bright, gaudy, and I’m absolutely here for it. But let’s say neon lights aren’t your aesthetic. That’s fine. Over at Huckberry, a wide range of SeaVee’s sneakers are marked down up to 40%. If your feet are as tired from all the socially distant walking around this summer as mine are, this offer is too good to pass up.

As the great Rihanna once said, “Cheers to the freakin’ weekend.” To celebrate the fact it’s Friday, Sunday Scaries is giving Kinja Deals readers 40% off their CBD starter pack with free shipping on each order. I recently received a sample of this exact bundle myself and have safely enjoyed recommended portions of the Gummies for Chillin’ and Unicorn Jerky so far. The latter in particular reminds me of those Sour Punch Straws you’d find at movie theaters in the early aughts. Also included are YOLO shots and a vitamin D3- and B12-infused oil tincture designed to relax and refresh.

Under ordinary circumstances, this pack would set you back $170, but because we like you, it’s $97 for a limited time. Even for those long poisoned by irony, I guarantee you’ll get a chuckle out of the shipping label on the box. Mine was addressed to “Lord Gabe Carey of Winterfell,” leaving a confused look on my doorman’s face when he handed me the package. Unbox it for a perfect description of the experience to come. “Taken by young professionals, entrepreneurs, college students, moms, and yogis who want a healthy and non-habit forming alternative for chillin’ the f*&k out.”

Popping pills to numb the pain shouldn’t always be your first and only resort. Sometimes, a good heat massage is all you need, and with a $29 Vivaspa shiatsu massager at MorningSave,there’s no reason not to keep this helpmate on standby. Although it’s advertised as being perfect for the neck and lumbar, you could technically use this on any of your aching muscles. With two heated kneading nodes working out all the kinks, you can afford to put off a couple of those expensive spa days.

This deal was originally published by Quentyn Kennemer on 5/15/2020 and updated with new information on 7/17/2020.

With all that coffee you’re drinking, maybe it’s time to re-up your toothpaste supply. Colgate is selling three tubes of their Optic White whitening paste for $12, a whole 33% off the usual rate. Gluten-free and enamel-safe, this toothpaste uses hydrogen peroxide as recommended by dentists to ensure an uncanny sheen. Brush twice daily for 6 weeks and watch those coffee stains disappear. Find out why one reviewer called it “the best toothpaste ever. Try it and you will be amazed how it whitens your teeth.” If that’s not a glowing endorsement, I don’t know what is.

I Dew Care is one of my favorite companies is on sale at Amazon right now. I have three of their products on my nightstand as I write this. Everything I’ve tried from them has left me really happy including this Matcha Green Tea Face Wash that’s currently 17% off.

This wash-off face treatment is wonderful if your skin is irritated or a little broken out. The aloe calms it down and evens out the redness. It also works well if you’ve got a bit of a sunburn. Both green tea and matcha have antioxidants that can infuse life back into your skin giving it the glow it deserves. All you do is leave it on for about ten minutes then gently wash it off. I like to use it on Monday and Friday as a treat to bookend my week. K-beauty is where it’s at and this product falls in line with that. And you will get your money’s worth because this tub will last you a while.

Free two-day shipping on this item for Prime members.

A lovely bag can be just the accessory to tie a look together, plus you probably need one in lieu of carrying everything or not being able to get anything in tiny lady pockets. These Commuter Crossbody bags from Marc Jacobs are all over 50% off this week at Nordstrom Rack. The perfect piece to evaluate an enchanting ensemble.

There are three colors depending on taste and they are at different values as well. The black bag is 51% and currently $110. This tan aka Smoked Almond option is discounted 56% and runs for $100. The pink color called Ballet is the same at $100. No matter which color you choose this is a great day bag for running errands and is about the width of a sheet of paper. The strap is adjustable and the exterior features leather construction. A classy presentation all around.

Nordstrom Rack indicates this deal will run for the remainder of the week. Free shipping on orders over $100.

You may have seen our neck gaiter accessory around each of our sister sites’ dedicated store pages, but for a limited time only, we’re discounting each one by 10% and donating a percentage of the sales to charities like The National Black Justice Coalition, The Okra Project, and The Trevor Project. Support your favorite sites—and keep your face covered—while giving back to a benevolent cause.

Whether you want to show off your appreciation for Kotaku’s excellent games coverage or Jezebel’s meticulous (and sometimes hilarious) reporting on issues important to women, now is the chance to do so for just $19. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Trans Lifeline and The Okra Project, respectively. Each gaiter is washable and reusable and can also be used as a headband, bandana, wristband, neck warmer, and more.

Here’s a full rundown of our branded face shields, along with the names of the charities involved.

Satisfyer Pro 2 | $49 | Ella Paradis | Promo code SUMMER

Satisfyer Pro 2 | $49 | Ella Paradis | Promo code SUMMER
Graphic: Ignacia Fulcher

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ella Paradis is experiencing fulfillment delays for some products. If you have any issues, make sure to contact their customer service page for any help.

For a short time, you can grab a Satisfyer Pro 2 for a low $49 at Ella Paradis. They’re having a summertime sale that takes off 60% of the original list price on their sex toys sitewide with the code “SUMMER” that should be applied automatically. The Satisfyer Pro 2 imitates oral sex and provides adequate clitoral pleasure to make you climax over and over again. I would grab one before they’re gone!

The fine folks at Ilia Beauty want to give a little summer treat to their friends and family with 20% off their entire site. Starting today use the code ILIAFAM at check for your discount. This sale will run until July 17.

The code will also work on items already on sale, so you’ll see up to 45% off some of the products in that section. This is a great time to try Ilia’s True Skin Foundation which is not only a best seller but what the company is known for. Pretty much all their skin serums have been raved about by beauty gurus. I’ve heard great things about the lipsticks in the company’s catalog too. Sales like this are an awesome opportunity to try a product or a company you’ve had on your list and you’ve got until Friday to maximize those savings.

Free shipping on orders over $50 or a flat $5 for anything under that.

If you’re into combat sports, you know Bruce Lee. If you’re not into combat sports, you know Bruce Lee. If you haven’t been born yet, you know Bruce Lee. This legendary martial artist died way too young, so if you’re feeling a bit nostalgic and want to relive the glory days of him kicking holes through human chests, check out this big collection of Bruce Lee’s biggest hits on Blu-Ray, which was once $125 and discounted to $92 a few months ago. Now, it’s plummeted even further to $62!

You’ll get five remastered movies in the bundle:

  • The Big Boss
  • Fist of Fury
  • The Way of the Dragon
  • Enter the Dragon
  • Game of Death

That’s about as solid a starter pack as you’re going to find.

This deal was originally published by Quentyn Kennemer on 4/23/2020 and updated with new information on 7/17/2020.

Hey! Umbrella Academy Season 2 will be on Netflix at the end of the month. Neat! That’s still almost three weeks away, though, so what will you do in the meantime? ComiXology has the answer with a sale on the Umbrella Academy comics! Perfect timing, eh?

This sale includes three volumes that gather up Umbrella Academy’s three major series, as well as the individual issues if you’re just missing some of the stuff. For those new to the series, it’s just $5-6 a volume, so for a grand total of $17 you can read the entire comic series while you wait for the next season. Not bad!

This sale lasts until July 27th, but you’ll want to get started on those comics now, so pick them up sooner rather than later!

Oh what, you think you’d get through this weekend without me recommending some new to read? You thought wrong. Kodanasha’s fantastic Ghost in the Shell series is up to 50% off right now, and it’s time to fill your Kindle up with some good sci-fi action.

This sale includes the original Ghost in the Shell manga, as well as Stand Alone Complex and Global Neural Network. I’m not quite savvy enough on the series to really understand what each series is, but they are there and they’re cheap! The best news of all, though, is that Scarlett Johannson is not in them.




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As a proud new owner of the base model 16″ MacBook Pro—which normally runs about $2,400—I’ve gotta say, I feel duped by this rare discount on Amazon that brings the price down to $2,100. If I’d saved $300 on my MacBook Pro just a few short weeks ago, I could have bought 300 cheeseburgers from the dollar menu at McDonald’s. Or, if I was feeling responsible, I could have put it toward my car payment.

Ah, but alas I did not and so I’m sitting here advising you not to make the same mistake I did. If ever you were thinking of buying the 16″ MacBook Pro, now is the time to grab one. It’s got a six-core i7-9750H processor, 16GB of fast 2,666MHz DDR4 RAM, 512GB of flash storage, and a 4GB AMD Radeon Pro graphics processor built-in. Call it mitochondria because it’s a real powerhouse … for a Mac that is! Graced with force-canceling woofers, the six-speaker sound system is impressive as well.

Although I’ve personally run into constant pinwheeling in Chrome ever since I got the thing, that issue isn’t unique to me or this MacBook specifically. My partner has the same problem on her brand-new 13″ MacBook Pro and I had it on my 2017 version of that laptop before it. Otherwise, it’s been smooth sailing. Test it out for yourself, and remember Amazon has a 30-day return policy if it’s not up to snuff. I, for one, blame Chrome.

This deal was originally published by Gabe Carey on 6/11/2020 and updated by Quentyn Kennemer with new information on 7/13/2020. 

It’s no secret I love Marshall. They have consistently made quality products across all of their lines. My favorite headphones, earbuds, and speaker are from them. This portable speaker falls in line with all the others and today Amazon has it for 33% off. That’s $100 in savings.

It looks like both the black and grey color options are on sale. The Kilburn II pairs easy with your phone and will give you up to twenty hours of listening enjoyment off of a single charge. It’s been my experience that these don’t take overwhelmingly long to charge either. You can get two hours of playtime on just a twenty-minute charge. The range is decent and you should be able to still have a smooth connection even at thirty feet away. The sturdy strap lets you take it anywhere and will look sharp both inside and out.

Free one-day shipping on this item for Prime members.

With Aukey’s 60W USB-C power bank, you don’t have to stranded on Low Battery Island with no way to revive those ever-so-important gadgets. It has 26,800mAh capacity and 60W Power Delivery over USB-C, enough throughput to charge a MacBook Pro. Normally $80, it has received its first ever discount. It’s just $56 when you use the exclusive promo code PYN3RRGG.

This deal was originally published by Quentyn Kennemer on 6/22/2020 and updated with new information on 7/13/2020.

Wired earbuds can be such a pain… well, most of the time. If you just want one bud in, then you gotta shove the other one down your shirt. Trying to walk? Hope your wire is long enough to get from wherever you store it to your earholes. Avoid all those annoyances with FIIL’s wireless earbuds, on sale for just $50 on Amazon.

These noise-cancelling earbuds have bluetooth chips in both earbuds, which helps to guarantee a strong connection to your device. A welcome addition, as I’ve had plenty of bluetooth headsets that had connectivity issues. FIIL’s earbuds provide 24 hours of music playing time and only take around 40 minutes to charge, as well. So make the jump from wired to wireless. It’s only $50, so why not?

Team Ninja has another banger in Nioh 2, the souls-like action RPG that only knows PS4 as its home. If you’ve exhausted your backlog and looking for something new to play, you can pick the special edition up at Amazon right now for $36 off, or a final total of $44. The standard copy is also on sale for $31.

The special edition comes with a few extra niceties for the few extra dollars they’re requiring, including a steelbook case, an art book, and the season pass that’ll presumably put you in line for all the DLC that release down the road.

Here’s how Heather Alexandra at Kotaku starts off in her long evaluative look at Nioh 2:

The Dark Souls formula is tried and true. It’s been adapted into science fiction settings, placed into 2D, and refined time and time again. 2017’s Nioh is arguably the most successful spin on the genre, adding flashy combat and the turbulent politics of medieval Japan. Nioh 2 is an improvement on every front. There’s no other way of saying it: I’ve never played a game where fighting feels as good as this.

Sold? Buy.

This deal was originally published by Quentyn Kennemer on 4/23/2020 and updated with new information on 7/13/2020. 

If you’ve tried to play the Nintendo Switch with the built-in stand, you may know it’s a bit… flimsy. The stand is thin and uncentered, which makes it really easy to fall over. I’m not exactly a fan of my expensive gaming devices falling over! If you share my troubles and worries, you can grab AmazonBasics’ Switch Playstand, which is on sale for a low $7 right now.

The playstand will hold your Switch snugly, and even offers a few different angles for the best viewing of the screen. It even allows you to plug in the charging port and charge the device while you’re playing! If you think you might have any use for this bad boy, make sure to buy one before the price goes back up. Who doesn’t love saving a few bucks, after all? That’s why you’re here!

Video games. I love them, but how on EARTH do I pronounce that name?! What does it even mean!? I guess it doesn’t matter, as Under Night In-Birth is a kickass fighting game series. Now, you can get into the latest (not Late[st], which, I shit you not, is one of the versions of the game) iteration of the super anime fighting series for just $39.

It’s not just a normal version of the game either, it’s the collector’s edition, which comes with an art book, soundtrack, and keychain of one of the characters in [Cl-R]. Not a bad deal at all! And with EVO Online canceled, you’ll have plenty of time to play and train up for the next tournament, if you so choose.

Pre-order Cyberpunk 2077 (PS4, Xbox One, PC) | $50 | Amazon

Pre-order Cyberpunk 2077 (PS4, Xbox One, PC) | $50 | Amazon
Screenshot: CD Projekt Red

As it often does for hot new games, Amazon is taking $10 off pre-orders for Cyberpunk 2077, the ambitious open-world game by CD Projekt Red, makers of the critically acclaimed The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Your total is $50 with the deal, and that goes whether you buy on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or PC.

Unlike Geralt of the ancient (and totally fictitious) land of Rivia, Cyberpunk takes us into a not-so-distant future where guys good and bad are yoked up with cybernetic enhancements. Life is generally fine until it’s discovered there’s a prototypical component that grants immortality to whoever has it installed, and, of course, all hell breaks loose to secure it.

Cyberpunk 2077 was originally set to be out this Spring and was once delayed until September, but it has since suffered another delay to November 19, 2020. Pre-order now, and Amazon will offer you the lowest price if it drops again before release.

This deal was originally published by Quentyn Kennemer on 3/27/2020 and updated with new information on 7/2/2020.

You know what might be a fun social distancing party activity? Karaoke (with masks on, of course)! Singing at the top of your lungs while belting out Don’t Call Me Maybe or whatever you pick can be very cathartic! Now you can grab an ultra karaoke machine for $160 at Daily Steals—just make sure to use code KJAUDIO10 at checkout for the maximum discount.

Did I just age the hell out of myself with that Carly Rae Jepsen reference? Probably! Anyway, this karaoke machine not only lets you… well, sing, you can apply voice effects and have a little light show going on too! It’s a pretty neat machine, so if you’re in the market, grab one before it sells out!

Do you need a new keyboard, but you don’t have a bunch of money to spend on some of the big names? At Daily Steals, you can get the Logitech G610 mechanical keyboard for just $73, if you use the code KJORION at check out!

That’s a great price for a well known brand of keyboards! This item is refurbished, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing:

So kill that refurbaphobia and grab yourself a nice like-new keyboard before they sell out!

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